Introduction: Outdoor FirePit

In the steps ahead you will learn how to build a great fire pit that is easy to build and very cheap to make.

I'm sorry for my English, and I hope everything is understandable.

Have fun building it!.

*This is my entry into the Concrete & Casting Contest, all votes are greatly appreciated.

Step 1: Dig a Hole

You need to dig a hole about 50 cm deep.

I chose to make it shaped like a square.

Step 2: Mix the Concrete

Those are the ingredients I used to make the concrete:

15 kilo portland cement

45 kilo sand

30 kilo aggregate

you mix it all together and add water until it's all wet.

Step 3: Build the FirePit

Start by making the first layer of stones. Pour some concrete under the stones and between them.

When you finish making the first layer of stones, put some re bars in the middle and pour the cement to create the ground, than flat it out.

Dont forget to add some holes for drainage (this way you can turn the fire out with a hose).

Then start making the second layer of stones, repeat the making of the first layer.

Fill the space left between the walls you made to the ground with the soil you took out.

Step 4: Patio

For the patio i needed to make cement again. This time i didn't use aggregate because i wanted it to look smooth.

You should use 10 kilo portland cement and 30 kilo sand, mix it together with alot of water because it's easier to use this way.

Use big stones and place them around the firepit, between the stones put some re bars, and then pour the cement.

Let it dry for about a week, wash it with water twice a day to make the concrete harder.

*If i could do things differnet, I would put some small stones between the big stones.

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