Introduction: Outdoor Patio Bar With Shelf

This instructable is how to build yourself a small, simple, bar perfect for an outdoor deck, patio, or anywhere else in your house. First you need to get all of the necessary materials, all of which can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, or any other hardware store that sells lumber.


10 - 8’ 2x4 planks

3 - 10’ 2x6 planks

2 - 4’x8’ 0.25” pre-sanded plywood sheets

1 box of 2.5” drywall screws

1 box of 1” drywall screws,

1 quart of wood stain (color of your choice)

1 quart of outdoor waterproofing enamel (gloss of your choice)

Electric drill

Saw (electric is definitely preferable, but a hand saw can still work)

Tape measure



An old rag

Step 1: Cut Your Pieces

Use your tape measure and a pencil to mark out lines for all of your cuts. You’ll have enough wood, but make sure to plan your cuts on the planks so that each piece can reach its full length. Use a pencil to label each piece with corresponding letter. This is how they will be referred to throughout the rest of the instructable, and it will make it easier for you to keep track of your pieces

On the 2x4 planks, measure and cut them into:

9 - 42” pieces (A)

4 - 48” pieces (B)

8 - 24” pieces (C)

3 - 22.5” pieces (D)

1 - 19.5” piece (E)

On the 2x6 planks, measure and cut them into:

5 - 54” pieces (F)

On your plywood sheets, measure and cut them into

1 - 2’x4’ rectangle (G)

2 - 21”x35” rectangles (H)

1 - 48.5”x35” rectangle (I)

Step 2: Assemble the Frame

This step requires Ax8, Bx4, Cx4

1) Use two of the B pieces and two of the C pieces to make a 2’x4’ box. Use your drill and the 2.5” screws to screw together the box by drilling through the face of the C pieces into the ends of the B pieces. Repeat these steps to create a second box.

2) Use the A pieces to make L-shaped columns, with one box at the bottom and one box at the top. Using the 2.5” screws, screw through the faces of the box into the face of each side of the L-shaped columns.

This is your frame.

Step 3: Assemble the Shelf Support

This step requires Ax1, Cx4, Dx3, Ex1

1) Take the last remaining A piece and use the 2.5” screws to screw the piece into the inside of the frame, halfway in the middle of one of the B sides. This side will be the front of your bar.

2) Take the 4 remaining C pieces and place them standing up on the bottom of the frame between the sides of the L-shaped columns, and screw in with the 2.5” screws.

3) Screw the three D pieces standing up on the face of the E piece, with one on each end and one in the middle. Use the 2.5” screws.

4) Take the entire piece and line it up with the middle A piece you screwed in the front earlier. Screw through the bottom faces of the frame into the ends of the E piece, and put at least one screw through the middle A piece in front into the D piece.

Step 4: Cut the Shelf

This step requires Gx1

This part will take some precision and may be a little tricky.

1) Lay the G piece on the top of your frame, then use a pencil and trace out all of the shapes of the posts for the frame. The best way to do this is to look into the frame at the bottom side of the plywood, and simply trace around the frame onto the plywood with your pencil. This shape that you trace out is the shape of your shelf.

2) Cut this shape out of your plywood, and it should be able to be dropped right into your frame and rest on the C piece posts that you made in the last step. Do not screw the shelf into the posts yet, lift it back out of your frame and set it aside for later.

Step 5: Stain Your Pieces

This step requires all pieces

Start by opening your can of stain and stir well. Use an old rag to dip into the stain, and begin to gently rub the stain onto your wood. Keep all of your strokes in the same direction and make sure to get even coverage on all of the pieces. Stain your entire frame. Next, stain your G piece, your H and I pieces, and all of your F pieces. Make sure you get every crack and corner, as well as all sides of every piece. Let sit and dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 6: Weatherproof Your Pieces

This step requires all pieces

Start by opening you can of outdoor weatherproof enamel. Using a paintbrush, begin to paint the enamel on to all of your pieces. This part is very important because this is how your bar will be able to withstand rain, snow, heat, etc. Spread the enamel with smooth strokes, brushing in the same direction as the grain of each piece of wood. Make absolutely sure you get as complete coverage as possible on all parts of your frame, including the bottom and in every corner. Next, do the same to all of your other pieces, making sure to get full coverage of every side. Every single part of the bar should be weatherproofed to prevent the wood from warping. Let all the pieces dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 7: Assemble the Rest of Your Bar

This step requires all pieces

Once all your pieces are stained, weatherproofed, and dry, it is time to finish putting everything together.

1) Drop the G shelf piece back through the frame and onto the posts. Use the 1” screws to screw the shelf onto each post.

2) Take your H plywood pieces and screw them into each of the two sides of your frame. Use the 1” screws, and put at least 3 screws in each side going down the columns.

3) Take your I piece and screw it into the front of the bar. Again, use the 1” screws and put at least 3 going down the columns and the middle post.

4) Place your F planks across the top of the frame. Make sure they are all aligned evenly and there are no gaps between planks. Using the 2.5” screws, screw the planks down to the top of your frame.

5) Take your weatherproofing and paint over all of the new screws that you just put in, so no water can seep in through your screw holes. Let sit for one more day to dry, then your bar is complete and ready to use.