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Introduction: Outdoor Sand and Water Play Table

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Last year I made my granddaughter a outdoor sand and water play table. She loves it. First thing she does when she comes over to my house is to grab granddaddy’s hand and drags him to the back door to take her to play with her sand and water table. She’s been using it for a year now and we have spent many fun hours out there. I decided to make a new one to do for a instructables post with a few changes from the one I did a year ago. Really just two changes. One being the height, the new one is 21 inches to the table top instead 16 inches. The grand baby is getting a little taller haha. You should adjust the legs on the one you build according to who will be using the table. And I also changed the table top dimensions to fit the water tank a little better. Well I hope you enjoy seeing how I make the play table and thanks for looking. Get busy building one, the kids will love it.


- Four 2x4x8'

- Five Cedar Fence

- Stain

- Primer

- Exterior Paint

- Paint Brushes

- Wood Glue

- Exterior Screws and Nails

- Mdesign Slim Plastic Trash Can

- Two Sterilite 12 Quart Plastic Containers with Lids 16 7/8" L x 11 1/2" W x 5 7/8" H

Step 1: 2x4's Framing and Layout List

Step 2: Start With the 33" 2x4 With Pocket Holes on Each End

- Be sure to sand all boards before assembling together.

Step 3: Next Screw the 21" Leg Boards to the 33' Board

- Be sure the square up while assembling.

Step 4: Next Screw the Two 15 1/4" Side Boards On

-15 1/4" side boards should have Pocket hole on each end.

Step 5: Next Attach the Two 37 1/2" Leg Boards

- Measure 21" up on the two 37 1/2" leg boards to know where to attach side boards.

Step 6: Next Attach 37" Support Board

- Pre-drill and screw directly to rear leg.

Step 7: Attach 37" Middle Support Board.

- Measure 9 3/4" from front board for location of middle support.

- Middle board has pocket holes on each end.

Step 8: Attaching Short 9 3/4 " Support Boards

- From side board measure over 15" for location of short support board.

- 9 3/4 support boards has pocket holes on each end.

Step 9: Next Attach the 20" Center Wall Support

- Center wall support ended up being 15" from back legs.

- Be sure to square up when attaching.

Step 10: Last Part on Framing Is to Add 9 1/2" Braces

Step 11: Cutting Cedar Wall Boards

- I cut these at 40 1/2 inches long so they stick over framing by 1/4".

- "DO NOT ATTACH YET" It is easier to stain before attaching.

Step 12: Cutting Cedar Boards for Table Top

- I started by placing one of the cedar boards in the middle and laying out boards from there.

- I cut all the boards with a 1/4" overhang.

- When you get to the cutout areas reach underneath table and mark.

- If you are using the same plastic containers that I used it worked out great with a 2 inch radius in the corners.

Step 13: Finish Cutting Table Top Boards

- I ended up placing a full board on the outside pieces and then cutting a small filler piece beside it.

- "DO NOT ATTACH BOARDS YET" It is easier to stain before attaching.

Step 14: Painting the Table Frame

- I started by placing one coat of exterior primer on table frame.

- I followed with two coats of a exterior paint.

- Be sure to seal the bottom of the legs with paint.

Step 15: Staining the Cedar Boards Before Attaching

- I placed two coats of exterior stain on all the cedar boards. Follow stain manufactures instructions.

Step 16: Attaching Cedar Wall Boards

- To install wall boards I predrilled before placing two exterior screws at each support.

Step 17: Attaching Table Top Boards

- I placed all the table top boards out before starting to make sure everything fit good.

- Then I started with the center board and nailed it down after applying a bead of exterior glue on the framing.

- Continue with all the table top boards.

Step 18: Making the Water Supply Tank

- I started out with a Mdesign plastic trash can. They come in nineteen different colors on amazon.

- For the spout I found center of tank and came up 7/8 inch.

Step 19: Slotted Holes for Installing on Wall

- I placed the slotted holes 6 inches apart.

- I drilled a 1/2 inch hole 1 1/4 inch down from top.

- For the slot I started at 1/2 inch down from top.

- Before placing water tank on wall install a 5 1/2 inch 2x4 block under tank. This holds the tank up high enough that you can the plastic container top on when table isn't being used.

Step 20: Installing Pvc Umbrella Holder

- Start by cutting a 18 inch piece of 1 inch pvc.

- Next drill a 1/4 inch hole on each end on one side of pvc tube.

- On the other side of pvc drill a 1/2 inch hole this allows you to get a screw and screwdriver in it.

- Center pvc on center wall support.

Step 21: Installing Wall Hooks for Sand Toys and Side Hook for Bucket

- For toys I installed five square bend hooks about 11 inches up from top of table and about 4 1/2 inches apart.

- For side bucket I used about a 1 inch hook.

Step 22: Time for the Fun to Start, Just Add Sand and Water

Step 23: Grand Baby Thinks It's Funny Throwing Water at Granddaddy

- these photos are from last year.

Step 24: A Year Later and My Grand Baby Still Thinks It's Funny to Splash Granddaddy

If you get a chance be sure to check out my Etsy store at resinandwoodworld.etsy.com or check me out on Instagram at resinandwoodworld.

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    9 days ago on Step 24

    Beautiful work! I totally want to try to make it, thanks for sharing such clear instructions!


    Reply 9 days ago

    Thanks, you totally should make one. My granddaughter came by today and spent an hour out there playing with it. She loves that she can control the water on it.


    11 days ago

    This idea is really awesome, thanks for sharing


    12 days ago

    This is awesome! I need to make one :)


    Reply 12 days ago

    Thanks, definitely do. The kids will love it 😊


    15 days ago

    This is SO nice and well explained! Love the addition of the umbrella and the seperate areas for sand and water.

    She looks like she's really enjoying herself :D


    Reply 15 days ago

    Thanks Jessy, yeah she loves it. She gets so upset when the weather is bad and I won’t let her go outside and play with it 😂. Have a great day, Joe