Introduction: Outdoor Survival Bag

This is an outdoor survival pack I made up to go along with my BOB bag here.

Unlike my BOB bag it is ment to be more long term. It tries to focus on what the other bag lacks. Shelter, fire, warmth, food, hunting and tools.

It is a bit heavy coming in at 43lbs/19.5kg. I figure in a perfect world I would throw it in the back of my van. If I had to carry it myself I could always get to a secluded location and drop gear I don't need for a specific emergency. Since I am the largest/strongest in the family I will take the most weight. That way other family members can pack only clothing, a sleeping bag, light food, water bottle, silverware and a tin cup.

Step 1: Fire and Warmer Clothing

I started with some warm layers and an extra set of clothes.

There are a lot of wooded areas where I live. I will rely on wood for cooking fuel. The Esbit stove is only an emergency backup.

Step 2: Water Storage and Misc Items

I wanted to have 2 containers I could use to boil water. Fabric belts work well as a tie down or to bundle sticks for carrying.  I vacuum sealed the more water sensitive items.

Step 3: Food and Tools

This is where the majority of the weight comes from. Food weight will quickly disappear. Tools could be dropped to make the pack lighter if need be. There are a lot of natural water sources near where I live, I went with less disposable bottled water.

I wanted tools for firewood collection or building a shelter.

I packed 6 granola bars, 3 disposable water bottles, 3 1L bottles and the water straw in the outside pouches for easy access. I put the two lighters in the plastic water bottles. The picture shows 15,176cal, 975g fat, 1,922g carb, 385g protein. The Gatorade from earlier adds 2000cal and the granola adds 1140cal, 36g fat, 174g carb, 24g protein. That gives a total of 18,316 calories. 9 days at 2000cal a day or 5 days at 3500cal hiking.

Things not shown: German army nesting silverware, 3x emergency Blankets, 50 gallon trash bags, quart Ziplocs, gallon Ziplocs, Ziploc big bag, fish hooks.

Things I might add later: Camp shovel or gardening trowel, edible plants book. If I add fishing gear it will go in another family members pack.