Introduction: Outdoor Swing

In this instructable I will explain how you make this easy and comfortable swing that is not too heavy and even strong enough to stay outside and survive the heaviest rainfall.

Step 1: Choosing Your Materials

This part is really important because if you want your swing to stay outside, you need to make sure your fabric is waterproof (and preferably washable). I found a rather strong canvas fabric that is just perfect and has a nice green colour. The measurements for my triangular shaped swing are 1m x 1.50m x 1.50m (3,28 ft x 4,92 ft x 4,92 ft).

You will also need a strong rope and (though I bought 3 of them) one carabiner. The safety rings are optional.

Step 2: Preparing Swing

  • sewing

First of all I sewed a border measuring around 3 cm by flipping the fabric to the back and sewing it with a sewing machine. Then I flipped the corners inside (also to the back so you can't see any borders at the front) and also sewed those with the sewing machine.

the following step is additional but will help to make sure your fabric isn't torn.
Next I cut out 2 identical pieces out of the remaining material for each corner of the triangle and I sewed them right on top of the now trapezium shaped corners.

Step 3:

  • Making the holes

I used the above pictured machine to make the holes but you can use whatever you want, just make sure you can put your carabiner and rope through the hole.

Try to place them in the middle of the trapezoid (if not sure, use a soft pencil to mark diagonal lines and make the hole where they cross). To Protect the holes you can use sailcloth rings or you can use your sewing machine and sew around the holes.

Step 4:

  • rope and wooden stick

I took a broom apart and and used the wooden part to made the stick but I would recommend using a heavy duty dowel. I drilled two holes around 7 cm from both ends, make sure the holes are a little bit bigger than the diameter of the rope.

Use tape if the ending of your rope unravels.

Pull both ends through a hole and make check if the rope on both sides measures about the same length.

Step 5: How to Attach the Rope

Throw both sides of the rope over the tree branch, using a carabiner as a weight.
Use the dowel to sandwich the rope between the branch and the dowel.

Next attach a carbiner to the top of the triangle, use both ropes to make a knot (I used the Flemish 8-shaped knot, because it is known to be very strong and easy to loosen) and use one rope ending for each corner and again, make a knot (make them high enough so you get a bag-shape)

Step 6: Swing!!