Introduction: Outdoors Gladiator Combat Stick for Kids / Adults

About: 30 year old kids and like do it urself stuff have a few vids on you tube

just a simple soft but strong Donatello bow or the old show gladiators is were i got the idea from

the PVC was 20 mm at $6 for 3 meters and the noodles were standard $3 from Kmart here in aus i brought 2 as there roughly 1.5 meters long

also had oil

Stanley knife (kids be safe ask mum dad to help)

measuring tape

my own hands

smart brain

Step 1: Line Up Your Noodle to Your Pvc Stick

Step 2: Cut Noodle to 1st Hand Holder

i just used a stanley knife worked a treat

Step 3: Oil or Lube Up Your Pvc Piping to Make It Easier for Foam to Slide

if its hard to get the foam to slide i did cut the middle pieace of foam down the middle so it just went over the pvc you can either glue or duct tape it up afterwards or just leave it

Step 4: Correct Position of the Foam on the Pvc Pipe So You Have 2 Hand Holder Grips

Step 5: Finished Enjoy and Let the Kids Have Fun

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