Introduction: LIGHTNING BOLT!!!

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This is how to build a 3D light up Lightning Bolt in just a few hours! Read all instructions before beginning. This is a plug in bolt.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials you'll need. That is a string of 100 christmas lights, yellow spray paint, gold glitter, a sharpie, a ruler, wax paper, cardboard, a hot glue gun, a drill, and something to cut the cardboard.

Step 2: Outline

Next you need to draw the outline of what you want your lightning bolt to look like on the cardboard. Then, just cut along that line. You can make it however large you like. 

Step 3: Measurements

After you've cut out your lightning bolt, you need to measure each edge carefully and write down all those measurements. They have to be pretty exact if you want your bolt to look good. Remember that these are the edges and that this is 3D. That means they all have to be the same height.

Step 4: Pieces

Once you take all the measurements, you're ready to cut the pieces that will fit into the edges of your lightning bolt. You might want to number all of your sides and then put the numbers on the pieces so that you don't lose track of what side goes with what. This will also be out of cardboard. Make sure you're careful not to cut yourself!

Step 5: Painting

By now, you'll have all your pieces cut out and you can go outside and spray paint and glitter the outside of all your pieces. This is the decoration portion and will be what makes your lightning bolt look pretty! Be careful not to cover the numbers that go to the sides.

Step 6: Gluing

Line up all of the numbers of sides with your main lightning bolt shape and be sure that you have all the pieces and they fit. After, this is when you glue everything together. You might need two people. One person can hold the side upright, while the other glues. Make sure to hold it until it dries completely.

Step 7: Drilling

On the back of your bolt, draw 100 dots and drill a hole big enough for the christmas lights to fit in. This will be how you see the lights. Make sure that they're spread apart enough so that they don't look weird.

Step 8: Lighting

This is where the christmas lights come into play.There will be 100 drilled holes in the back of your bolt so just stick the lights in there. If the cord is too short to plug in, just use an extension cord.

Step 9: Wax Papering

Cut out strips of wax paper that fit onto the top of the edges. Make sure it's glued very exactly, otherwise it might overlap to have a very noticeable seam. Then, just hot glue it down. Be weary of how tight you pull the wax paper so that you don't rip it and it's not too loose.