Introduction: Oval Rag Rug (made With a Big Crochet)

Hi ! This is my first post!
This is a rag rug made with a crochet of 1.5 cm. You can find different kind of clothing in it: t shirt, scarf, dress, pants, sweater and even sheets & curtain. My best choice of fabric is 90% cotton and 10% spandex (it's look softer with it) but I also use a lot of 100% cotton, blends of cotton, polyester, acrylic etc. You don't have to avoid strechy material, but watch out for mixting thin & thick and the wide of your stripe.

This one took me about one month and a half of free time. I'm very proud of it, because I cut everything with my scissors, witch is a very long process. So it's true to say: I made it!

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