Introduction: Simple Over Head Water Tank Alarm

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Hi !!! this is my first project on the instructables. I've made this DIY overhead water tank level alarm in 2011 (4 years before posting it :P ) when I shifted to a new house where daily water used to overflow from overhead tank and water goes wasted a lot!!!

So.. I have come up with a simple alarm system using a plastic ball as a switch and a buzzer circuit to alerts the user to switch off the motor before it gets too late and water overflows.

The project is simple and works on a simple principle that plastic ball floats on water easily.This idea is taken to build a switch with it and using a small circuit with a buzzer which alerts the user to switch off the motor before the water in the tank overflows thus saving water and electricity....

Step 1: Collecting Materials and Tools

The materials I have used are very easily available in and around your house.The design is kept as simple as possible and can be made just out of INR 200 or 4$

Materials required :

1. Plastic ball > (which kids play with) easily available in stationary shops.

2. Umbrella Spoke/ Flexible wire > Get one from shop or find it from an old umbrella.

3. Small wooden bar ( Water proof is preffered) > Just find it in a carpentry shop from the left overs.

4. L shaped metal clamp > Get one from the hardware shop.

5. Piezo Buzzer >Available at automobile shop/hardware shop.

6. Copper wires (Few).

7. LED's (Red).

8. Switch.

9. 9Volts Battery.

10. Plastic case.

11. Nails, Screws.

Tools required :

1. Plastic Tape and Insulation Tape.

2. Drilling Machine.

3. Hammer.

4. Screw Driver.

5. Soldering machine.

That's it ... Lets get started...!!!

Step 2: Making the Plastic Ball Switch Module

  • Attach a L-Clamp to wooden bar.

Take two small screws and fix the Metallic L-Clamp to the wooden bar as shown in the image '1'

  • Take nails and Fix the plastic ball.

Onto the other side of the L-clamp of wooden bar fix the plastic ball setup.

First take the plastic ball and insert the one end of the umbrella spoke into the ball through the small hole and fix it with the hot silicon glue/M-seal.

Else if you get a plastic ball setup in the old cooler just take it and fix it to the wooden bar using a long nail loosely so that the ball setup moves freely.

See in Images 2 and 3.

Step 3: Fix the Limiting Screws and Copper Wires

  • Fixing the limiting screws.

Fix two small screws on to the either sides of the movable plastic ball arm to restrict the movement of the arm in only certain angle.

Once the position and movement is seen mark the position and drill the screws accordingly and partially till a certain level.

  • Connecting the Copper Wires.

Take two copper wires, connect one to the movable arm and other to the lower screw as shown in the image'2'

See that the plastic ball arm touches the other screw when the plastic ball floats on water.

Step 4: Making Circuit and Indoor Alarm Module

  • Building the Circuit

Once the Tank switch is made ,Now building a small and simple circuit which has a switch, 9Volts battery, Red LED's and a 220ohms Resistor.

Looking at the Circuit Image connect the circuit and put the whole set upin a plastic case such as a visiting cards box.

That's it connecting Wires between the indoor module and plastic ball switch inside the tank alarm will be completed.

Once test it manually the buzzer sirens and LED glows indicating the tank is full and its time to switch of the motor.

Hope the project can help to save water and Electricity. :D


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