Introduction: Arduino Relay Control Over the Internet


Step 1: Make a Sketch

Use the sketch to connect the relay to the Arduino.

The sketch will help you when you will be writing the code, so that you will know what pins you need to control with the code.

I'm using an Arduino with the W5100 Ethernet Shield Network Expansion Board, to connect to my home network


Arduino Uno

4 channel relay board

W5100 Ethernet Shield

Jumper wires MALE - FEMALE

Step 2: Wiring

Cut open the wire for the lamp or other electronics you want to control. Cut one of the two wires and stripe it on both sides and connect the wires to the relay¸

If you connect the wires to the two inputs on the relay that are showing a connection, you won't be able to control the relay

Step 3: Code

You can change your IP address by changing the last number on the IP address

(byte ip [ ] = { 192, 168, 1, 30};)


Step 4: Test

When you are finished .
You just open a web browser and type the IP address that you used in your code.

I should look something like that site in the picture.

And that is it!

Thanks for reading my inscrutable!!! :):)

Step 5: Other Projects

I will be doing some other projects with the RPi 2, when a will have more time!!

English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.