Over Heating Sony NEX 5N Fan Mod TFX TV # 9

Introduction: Over Heating Sony NEX 5N Fan Mod TFX TV # 9

Over heating Sony NEX 5N fan mod

Go to my web page for a link to the fan I used. http://www.TrinityFXmg.com

Fan mod tips

1. 9 Volt battery will last about 6 hours I did a battery test and got tired and gave up at the 6 hour mark but it may last longer.

2. Put fan mod on before you start filming if you know you are going to film longer then six to twelve minutes, because once the camera over heats its hard to get the camera back to lower operating temperatures.

3. Make sure when gluing the fan to the square plastic base that you position the fan so its blowing toward the camera

4. Only use a small amount of Velcro so it is easy to take the fan on and off. You don't need much to hold this small thing in place.

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