Introduction: 3D Printed Christmas Tree Star

3D printed Christmas tree star.

Change light mode with touch-sens wire (No button needed!)



3D printed parts:

Teensy microcontroller, i.e. 3.2

USB cable longer than the the tree

WS2812 RGB LED strip cut to 62 LEDs / 105 cm.

10 MOhm resistor

Three colors x 1m thin wire (0.5mm/22 AWG)

Silicone to fill diffuser after LED strip is mounted


Hot glue gun

Solder iron

Step 1: 3D Printing

The lamp consists of two main parts: Stem and diffuser.

I print with a Monoprice maker select V2 (200mmx200mmx200mm) and use CURA slicer.

Diffusers: 15% infill, zigzag support, 40% PLA White or transparent

treetop 40% infill PLA Black or brown

Step 2: Assembly

Remove all support material from the diffuser parts, and glue them together in the end-flanges.

When the glue has dried, turn the diffuser upside down. Test the treetops position to find a good spot to start the LED-strip. (The point where the hollow branch meets the diffuser.)

*Wires from the beginning of the LED strip will be inserted through the largest branch

Solder the three wires to the beginning of the LED-strip.

Start inserting the led-strip into the diffuser, from the spot where it meets the branch. Thread the wires through the branch and stem. Hook up the wires to the teensy and test the LED-strip before gluing anything. (See next chapter)

Add glue where the different parts intersect. Add glue to spots along the diffuser path to hold the led strip in place. Add silicone along the bottom side to seal and close up the diffuser

That’s it! Now on to soldering and programming

Step 3:

Arduino program attached


Led-strip <--> teensy

Din <---> Pin 2

+5V <---> Vin

GND <---> GND

Touch sensor:

Solder a 10M resistor between pin 10 and 12. Solder one end of a single wire to pin 12

Thread the teensy into the "stem" with the USB cable and sens-wire sticking out the bottom.

Then thread the assembly on to the top of the Christmas tree


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