Introduction: Oversized Thin Man Lamp

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Like most Thingiverse users, I am a huge fan of the Thin Man model series. I have printed many of these little guys over the years and really like their simplistic aesthetic. I recently came into possession of an old lamp and thought what better way to recycle it than to combine it with a giant version of one of my favorite models.

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Step 1: Modeling the Parts

Modeling the oversized version of the Thin Man was actually not terribly difficult.

Because the model contains no fine detail whatsoever, I was able to create my oversized version and the space for the electronics using little more than sketches and extrusions. I aimed to have my model maintain proportionality with the original, but had to make the torso a bit deeper to fit the electronics.

Step 2: Gathering the Parts and Materials

General Materials:

- 3M Double-Sided Poster Tape

- Superglue of your Choice (I prefer the Gorilla Glue Gel)

- Lamp Circuitry + Light Bulb (I harvested mine from an old lamp)

3D Printed Parts:

The files for the parts you need to 3D print can be found here. Print two legs and one of everything else.

I printed the parts for my lamp using blue PLA at a 0.4mm layer height with a 5% infill. I kept the settings low as there are really no fine details and (hopefully) the lamp won't need to endure any physical stress.

Note: I designed the model to fit the circuitry that I happened to have on hand. If you attempt this project yourself, your specific hardware might not quite work with my design. That said, the model is simple enough that modifying parts or making additions to fit your hardware should be relatively easy

Step 3: Assembling the Lamp

Assembling this project is super easy.

Start by supergluing the arms and legs to the torso. The legs should be glued to the front of the torso piece so that the bottom of the torso transitions perfectly flat to the underside of the leg. The arms should be glued so that their front transitions perfectly flat to the front of the torso.

Then place your lamp circuitry in the torso cutout, put some pieces of double-sided poster tape in the grooves on either side, and then secure everything by pressing on the backplate.

That's it!

Step 4: Admire Your Creation!

I am really happy with how this project came together!

I think the blue color was a great choice and was very pleased with how much my version resembles the original model.

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