P51 Mustang Rubber Band

Introduction: P51 Mustang Rubber Band

The P51 plane: wingspan about 40 cm and from the propeller to tail about 30 cm.

Hello, this project, I will make P51 Mustang airplane rubber band power plane. The plane plays very important role in ww2. It made from balsa wood which is very light and painted white, blue, gray, and red with decal. The ailerons, rudder, and elevators are made from thick paper, but it easy to adjust. It’s easy to make, fun to do. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do Rubber Band P51 Mustang project.

1. Balsa wood 4mm and 2 mm, thick paper A4, wood glue, masking tape, clear plastic, plastic bead, cutter, rubber band, hot glue gun, and wire.

2. Matt white, matt gray, red spray paints, blue, navy blue, black acrylic paint, black marker.

Step 1: Cut Balsa Wood and Sand.

First, I look for the type of airplane that I want to make from the picture. Then I saw the template of P51 Mustang. Now I arrange the scale for print. Next is to trace the outline on to the 4 mm. balsa wood for the body, the propeller and wings, wheels on to the 2mm. balsa wood. Next start to cut the balsa with cutter very carefully and trace the aileron, rudder, elevator on the thick paper and cut it as well. Then I sand the wings profile down to make it thinner and the body of the plane near rudder. Then I sand the propeller and shape it with cutter as well, until it about right. Now I need to cut the body of the plan and attach the wings, to test fit everything. In order to make it fit need to sand the gap and adjust as go along. Next, I cut the middle of the plane to make space for the rubber band about 1 cm. and at the front I need to make the support by glue 2 pieces of balsa wood on each side, when the glue dry, i sand in to the shape of the plane nose. Then for the aileron, rudder, elevator, I need the cut on the side into the wing not to deep about 2 mm. and attach the aileron, rudder, elevator that already cut from the thick paper. Things should fit well, next sand the balsa wood and clean the dust, make it ready to paint.

Step 2: Paint, and Assembly.

For the body and the top side of the wings I use matt white spray paint. Spray paint it 2-3 until the paint cover the balsa wood. Next for the underside of the wing I use matt gray spray 2-3 times as well. Wait for the paint dry and I start to draw the line on to the wings on top and bottom as well and body on both sides as the picture by using .01 marker. Then I paint the decal of the plane using navy blue acrylic paint, for the lettering use black acrylic, for the nose of the plane use blue acrylic last for the propeller and wheels, I use black acrylic and yellow acrylic at the tip of the propeller. Next, I cut the clear plastic to make the plane canopy and draw the outline using the marker to make it look better. Now I make the propeller component at first I drill hole about 2 mm. then I bend the wire into the hook shape and slide into the balsa wood nose cover of the plane, then plastic bead, and propeller and bend the wire into U shape, so that it will lock on the tip of the propeller. Then slide the rubber band in place at the other end, I make the wire like the antenna, but it will go through the gap, it will lock rubber band in place. Next, I assemble the wings to the body make sure do it slowly. The last is to make the landing gears by bend the wire to shape of basic landing gear with the gray side cover and use the hot glue to attack under the wing and attach the wheel, and lock the wheel with small piece of paper, for the rear wheel as well. Now it done, That it. Enjoy.

Thank You

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