P90 Magazine Clamp

Introduction: P90 Magazine Clamp

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 The P90, or E90 as Echo 1 calls it, is one of the most versatile airsoft SMGs ever made. One problem with it is the low magazine capacity. You could buy a high-cap, but they are always hit- or- miss- I own 1, and my friend owns 2, Only one out of the 3 feeds correctly.
How do you cut your reloading time with a mid-cap? 
A Magazine clamp.
You could spend $10 on Evike, or you could make your own...
Which will you choose? ;P
**This project is for the airsoft P90,but it would most likely work with a real-steel rifle also. This instructable is intended for airsofters.**

Step 1: Materials

Scrap Metal (I got mine from a dead computer... No Joke)
(2) 2.5" Screws with matching nuts.

Dremel (I used my trusty Roto- Zip)
Vice (optional)

And of course, OZZY OSBOURNE!!!

Step 2: Drawing

 Match up the metal with the magazines and determine where the metal will be bent (don't bend it yet)
Then make a parallel line 1/2" below that line.
Do this on both sides

Step 3: Cutting and Shaping

 Cut along the second line.
Do on both sides.

Put the metal in a vice (or place on any other metal/concrete right angle) and bend it at a 90 degree angle.
Do for both sides.
To make the bend sharper, tap with a hammer along edge.

Step 4: Cut It in Half

 Measure the metal and cut directly down the center (See picture).

Step 5: More Cutting

See pictures for instructions

Step 6: Drilling

 Time to break out the drill.
Draw a line dividing the one piece in half. Then along the line, mark 2 dots.
Then drill into them.

For the second piece, flip the first piece over and mark through the holes with a marker.
Drill through marked dots.

Step 7: Screws

 Put the 2 screws through the holes.
Screw the nuts on.
Cut the excess off.

Step 8: Have Fun

 Go out, play airsoft (in a safe and controlled environment). 
**Disclaimer, the below picture is a picture of an airsoft SMG, not an actual firearm. Airsoft rifles are relatively harmless and fire a 6mm plastic pellet, at a low velocity**

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