Introduction: PAC MAN

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Hello to everyone! I was looking at the Game. life. Challenge and suddenly relized I had this laying around sence the 5th grade! I used the Cricket Cutter (at least I think thats how you spell it!) and cut out shapes then just glued them onto paper. Slowly peice by peice, I formed this!
To ALL my fellow followers and friends, PLEASE vote for this becasue this is my very first entry for any contest. It would really mean a LOT to me! =D

(sorry for the 2nd and 3rd pictures, the flash gets bright!)

Step 1: Gather Stuff

Materials used:
Black paper
Red, yellow, blue, pink colored cardstock
White crayon
Whole Puncher
Black Flare
Cricket cutter
Geogre and Basic Shapes
(I'm not making this again step by step so I will try to give you a good idea of what to do!)
Get these.

Step 2: First Part

here you will be making the red parts and some other stuff!
Here you should put the red paper on what you might call the sticky paper that you put through the Cricket.
You should push SHIFT then I or O to get a thing rectangle. make 31 of these! Next push SHIFT then R or T to make squares. Make 2 of these. Now push SHIFT then Y or U to make 2 bigger rectangles. Last push SHIFT then F to make a rounder rectangle. Make 4. Remember all on red paper!

Step 3: Yellow Dots and Characters

now take a hole puncher and punch holes out of yellow paper. Make around 75. Some might be left over. Take your sissors and cut out 4 larger dots or take the Circkut and make very small circles. Use your sissors and cut out the shap of the ghosts and Pac man! Hole punch 8 white dots for the eyes of the ghosts. Last take your flare in my case black marker and add dots to the eyes! Din't glue anything down yet. thats the next part.

Step 4: Glue It Down

Now take your glue and glue it down. I don't think there is an exact way it is made but this is the way I did it. You can look up "Pac man" or somthing like that to get an idea of the layout. Glue the red parts down first. The  L  shape is made with 2 of the skiny rectangles. The  T  Shapes are 3 of the skiny rectangles. You can try and make your own design also. The middle part where they spawn, you can eather made cut or cut it out on the the Crickit then cut out the middle part. Glue that down also.

Step 5: Finishing It Up

Now glue the yellow dots down in a line/ pattern. Make sure to leave some behind Pac-man to make it look like he has ate some already challenge

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