PALM Touchstone Hidden USB Cable

Introduction: PALM Touchstone Hidden USB Cable

Don't like the USB cable sticking out the back of you PALM Touchstone? Change where the USB cable exits from the back to the bottom! Perfect for Car mounting. 

I modified mine because I wanted to make a clean car mount for my new Galaxy Nexus

iFixit has a tear down that does not include full disassembly instructions, so I've included more comprehensive step-by-steps here. 


Step 1: What You'll Need

- Palm Touchstone Inductive charger ~ $5
- Right Angle MicroUSB Cable ~ $5 
         Note: these come in 'left' and 'rignt' handed configurations. Both work.
- X-Acto Knife (or similar)

Step 2: Disassemble the PALM Touchstone

This was not obvious because they did a great job hiding the screws under the foam on the bottom of the charger.

Use the knife to cut away the adhesive foam and the thin plastic cover underneath that covers the screws. You can remove it all or just enough to uncover the screws, your call. 

The screws are no symmetrical about the center of the charger. the one on the left is above and closer to the center than the right screw.  your's can be cleaner than mine because you won't have to go hunting for the screws. 

Now the bottom of the charger should drop out. 

Step 3: Modify the Base Plate

Cut the plastic with the knife as shown in the picture, be careful not to hurt yourself ;-)
you are making room for the new connector and for the cable to exit through the bottom. You can have cable to exit the unit from a different location than what is shown by changing hole location. 

I've included what the base plate looks like before cutting for reference. 

Note: Make sure that you are modifying the correct side of the base plate. Depending on whether you got a "left handed" or "right handed" right angle microUSB. Check the orientation of the connector to make sure it will plug correctly. 

Step 4: Modify the Charger Body

Cut the Charger body with the knife as shown. this will be much less cutting than the base plate. 

remove enough plastic so the connector will fit.

Image 3 shows what it should look like when you're done.

Step 5: Assemble the Cable

Feed the cable though the base plate and put it back on the on the charger body. Don't put the screws back in yet. 

now plug the connector in and feed the extra wire back through. 

Note: You cannot plug the connector in before you reattach the base plate, you have to do it after. 

Chances are you didn't remove enough plastic from somewhere and the fit it too snug. No worries, take it apart and cut more away as needed until it fits.  

Once it fits nice, put the screws back in...

Step 6: And You're Done

The red things are little bits of adhesive rubber I added to increase friction between the charger and my phone. It keeps it from shaking loose because i'm using it more vertical than it was designed for. 

have fun!

I installed it in my car with a piece of PVC tube cut to hold the charger at a steeper angle. The USB cable comes out from under the PVC and goes into the vent and down to the car lighter adapter. Yay for hidden wires!

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