Introduction: PANDA LAMP


1. Paper

 (Material ... YUPO paper)

 (Size ... A3) ← template size

2. Double-sided table or glue gun

3. Light bulb

4. Light bulb socket

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Cut out figure.
  2. Caution! Do not cut off.

Step 2: Nose

  1. To make a nose.
  2. Before cutting
  3. After cutting
  4. Fold incisions and fold.

Step 3: Eye

  1. To make an eye.
  2. Put a double-sided tape on the back.
  3. Put it on the blue line.

Step 4: Back

  1. Making the back part.
  2. Use this part in this orientation. Put a double-sided tape on the back.
  3. Put it on the blue line.

Step 5: Mouth

  1. Make the lower jaw. Use this part.
  2. Before pasting.
  3. After pasting.
  4. Attach blue lines to each other.
  5. After attaching. (It's cute even if you put a tongue on the lower jaw.)

Step 6: Arm

  1. To make an arm.
  2. After attaching.

Step 7: Head

  1. After bonding.
  2. Make a head shape. Blue lines and red lines stick together.

Step 8: Leg

  1. It becomes like this when assembling the lower body part.

  2. To make a foot. Use this part.

  3. To paste together.

  4. It will be in this form.

  5. View from the back.

  6. Use this part. Paste between the feet.

Step 9: Union

  1. Attach upper body and lower body.
  2. Adhesive surface is here only.
  3. Raise the upper body.

  4. It looks like a panda! After a little more! ganbatte!

Step 10: Ear

    1. Make an ear.

    2. Fold incisions with about 50 mm.

    3. Insert it at the crack of the best position as seen from the front. (If you can not insert it with a cutter it is good)

    Step 11: Tail

    1. Make the tail. Put a notch in half and fold.

    2. Attach to the position of the belt position.

    3. After attaching.

    4. Completion!

    Step 12: Lighting Up!

    Completion if a light bulb is put in between!