Introduction: PAPER DODGE BALL

This is a game that you can play in class when you get bored!
All you need is 2 players, a blank piece of paper, and a dark pen or pencil!

Step 1: Set Up the Teams

1) Fold the paper in half widthwise (hamburger style).
2) Unfold the paper and let each player choose a side.
3) Each player draws 5 stick figures on his/her side of the paper. These figures make up the dodge-ball team and should be the height of a fingernail.
**Recommendation: spread out your team!

Step 2: Throw Your Dodgeballs

Players take turns throwing dodgeballs using the following steps: 
1) Fill in a dark dot on your side of the paper about the size of a pea.
2) Fold the paper again along the crease.
3) Press firmly on the back of the paper directly over the dot until some of the ink/lead transfers to the other side, then unfold the paper.
**NOTE If the dot does not successfully transfer, try darkening your dot, using a pen that smears, or pressing harder on the back of the paper.

Step 3: Eliminate Your Opponents

If the dot touches any part of figure, that figure is eliminated and crossed out.
A team wins when every figure of the opposing team is eliminated!

Step 4: Vary the Rules

The rules of paper dodge ball are really arbitrary. Players can adjust dot and stick figure size for different challenges. Players could also fold the paper at a slant to increase difficulty, although extreme slants are not recommended because it makes parts of the paper unreachable for the other person. Some example variations are:
      I-Spy: Each player secretly selects one figure on his/her team to be the spy. The game ends when that figure is crossed out.
      Shooting Spree: When a player eliminates an opponent's stick figure, that player gets to take another turn.
      Big-Team: Each team has 15 stick figures.
      Dog-Fight: Figures can be oriented in any direction, not just vertically.
Both players should agree on any variations before starting.

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    9 years ago

    I find that it is hard to try and transfer the ink or pencil so I draw the dot on my side then fold it and hold it up to the light


    9 years ago

    This is awesome love this game, thanks