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This is part 2 of my ableton live controller,if you havent looked at part 1 click here

In this part of the instructables i will be focusing on wiring,soldering,and finishing up.

Step 1: Aditional Tools

We will need:

-Wires(diffrent colored to difrentiate hot wire and ground wire)
-Wire strippers and cutter
-Soldering iron and solder
-Hot glue gun (not pictured)

Step 2: Wire the Ground Wires

Firstly i will be making the ground wiring (green).Since the Ipac has 2 ground inputs(i will only beusing 1) all the buttons need to share a ground point,so i will be doing a "daisy chain" on the ground wires.

To play it safely i wouldnt be soldering the wires yet,just do the old twisty trick on them.

After all the ground wires are daisy chained i connect the last thread of wie to the ground on the ipac.

Step 3: Soldering the Ground Wires

After all is good,begin soldering the wires to the buttons.

Step 4: Hot Wire

Now let us begin to wire up the hot wires,unlike the ground wires,the hot wires dosnt share a ground point.Instead,each hot wires from the button goes to the individual inputs on the ipac.After the hots are properly align,begin soldering them to the buttons.

Now the buttons are soldered,but i didnt solder the wires to the ipac,because the ipac uses a flat head screwdriver to tighten up the wires to the ipac,so less soldering for me :)

Step 5: Securing and Finishing Up Build

After its all wired up,i secure the solders with hot glue to keep em sticky and prevent short circuiting,be sure to check if the buttons work before hot gluing by going to the text editor and puush the buttons,dont forget to make a hole for the usb cable.

When your all set,close that bad boy and glare at the midi box.

Step 6: Mapping

Be warned that this is not currently a midi map,its actually a key map that is made for ableton.

So basically what you do when you push a button is like hitting the key on the keyboard,Ableton live has an ability to map keystrokes to control clips and effects,dont know about other DAW's though....

Hope you like it,its been a fun project that i did.