Introduction: PASTA Multicultural (around the World) !!

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Hi all instructables lovers , and specially pasta lovers ! i have prepare a Multicultural pasta ( multi sauce from around the world ) from the sauces of : Italy, France, Algeria ,USA ,India, Swiss, Maroco ....,

Step 1: Preparation !

i'm using here the Mezze Penne Tricolore because This colorful pasta is a favorite for pasta salads, but also goes great with many different sauces!

for the preparation i have use multi sauce , like : sauce tomato bio , sauce curry ( it's greeeat ) , sauce algerienne (best :)) sauce mayo, sauce marocain , ketchp ,... and we need to fromage , thon tomato, olives, onion, egg.... it's will make it better.

Step 2: Get Ready !

first we need to prepare the pasta , it will take 11 min, (its fast!!) , than we will prepare the sauce one after other , we start by sauce tomato , need juste 3 spoon of it, then we add olives and onion , leave them for 2-3 min , and after that all is done , we need juste to put the pasta in the dish , and mixed with the sauce tomato , then we put in each wedge model of sauce ( i have put all type of sauces , multicultural!!!!!!!) ,

Step 3: The End !

for the end , i put the all type of sauces here , next i put up the fromage and thon , and some of olive .

and this all , its verryyyy delicious ,,

try it !!

hope to love it !!!

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