Introduction: PC Desktop Cable Management

Hello everyone,

this is my first instructable, I apologize if it is not my best work.

I watch DIY Tryin and they gave me an idea, reorganize the cables in my pc case to optimize my airflow and to make it look good!

I started by looking at what I had, boy this is messy!?

This is not difficult, you will need some time and creativity. It should take less than 1hr.

My build:

Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro

RAM: GSkill 4GB

CPU: Intel Xeon 3320 Quad Core

CPU Cooler: Noctua

PSU: Triathlor 650W

Graphics: Radeon R7 260X

HDD: 120GB SSD, 1TB 7000RPM HD, 2TB 7000RPM HD

CD ROM Drive: Samsung

Fans: 6 Fans

I list my build so you can see how much stuff I have in the box.

Step 1: What You Need!

Having the right tools for the job is crucial to an enjoyable and stress free time.

Take the time to order supplies if you don't have it. I include a link for items I have purchased.

1. Assorted Cable Ties - I used the 4inch (18lb) black cable ties tol hold things together and out of sight. You may choose to use white or different colors to make your case look neat.

2. Magnetic Cup - I bought this so I dont lose my screws! This really helps so you are looking for screws after you remove them from the case/graphics card...

3. Utility duct tape - this is easy, if you don't have any buy your self some will ya?!

4. Time/Patience/Good Eye - you need at least one hour if you want to do this right, rushing will only make you have to come back and fix it later. Be patient, I had to remove 2 or 3 cable ties because I tied some power cables before I ran all the cables. Make sure you keep an eye out for holes and places where you can hide things.

Step 2: Begin - Dissasemble

Begin by opening the front and back tower/case doors.

1. Remove the 2 screws to remove the doors.

I took a picture of the temp monitor to see if I get any better temps after the clearing of the box.

The max temp was 39C

2. As you can see, this is messy. Remove the graphics card, hard drives, fans, and all cables from the case.

Step 3: Continue in the Back of the Case

3. Run the fan wires from the fans to the back, then find a way to plug them in while keeping them out of the way/sight.

4. Install the graphics card and begin to route the wires to the back of the case and to the devices you are returning to the case.

5. use the tape to hold wires in the back panel, this will ensure no wires/cables are hanging in the way. If you don't do this you may not be able to close the case.

Step 4: Inside the Case

Hide all the wiring as much as possible.

There are some wires/cables which are not long enough. You may need to re-route them or just go across the middle of the case. Use your head and you might find a fun solution. I had to remove 2 motherboard screws and I was able to route a short power cable that feeds the fan on top of the case and it worked.

Use cable ties and don't forget to cut the excess off.

Don't use tape on hardware. Only use tape on the back of the case/panel to secure the wires.

Don't over tighten the cable ties, it may damage cables and components on SSDs, these things are delicate.

Step 5: That's It!

Check that all hardware is connected - power and data wires/cables.

After the reorganizing the cables my new max temp was 38C.

If that free upgrade worked for you, or you have a tip/comment let me know!

thanks guys!