Introduction: PC FAN 2 Channel COLOR ORGAN

Three years ago I made a 2 Channel Color Organ using 4 DVDs

and colorful RGB LEDs.

It can be found here on Instructables. 2 Channel DVD Color Organ

Recently - I thought of other sources of colorful light and discovered eBay sites with computer PC fans loaded with LEDs that emit impressive colors and motion when the 12VDC from the power supply is connected.

That gave me the idea of....

What if I can make the fan also spin to the beat of the music.

I have acquired an updated 2 Channel PR008 Color Organ

from www.usbkits.comwhere I had originally obtained the PR004

model 3 years ago in order to make my DVD 2 Channel Color Organ.

So - now it was time to combine the PR008 Color Organ with the PC Fans.


The image above the INTRO is a preview of the layout of the components - which when connected – provide a balanced treble and bass audio output from the PR008 Color Organ to the two PC Fans.


12 Volt AC / DC Adaptor :

* Required to provide the necessary 12VDC for the PC FANS.

A 12VDC / 1.25 Amp AC Adaptor will suffice.


DCV Adjustable Converter Board: ... found on eBay for a buck...

PR008 2 Channel COLOR ORGAN

PR008 2 Channel Color Organ Circuit Board ... ( from )

Go to Communication - Contact Us - and fill out the form to contact for a price.


Project Box: (80mm x 50mm x 21mm) ABS Plastic:

.... found on eBay for 80 cents U.S.


AUDIO SPLITTER: ... found on eBay for 80 cents U.S.

A 3.5mm Y Audio Splitter is required to split the Audio signal from the PC to both

the audio input of the PR008 Color Organ and to the PC Speakers.

120mm - 4 Color LED PC FAN ... found on eBay for $3.45 U.S.

120mm - 4 Blue LED PC FAN ... found on eBay for $3.00 U.S.


MIRROR TRAY or HANGING MIRROR: ( Minimum 15” x 8” )

Here is where you can be inventive.

My design has the 2 PC Fans on a Vertical Metal Mirror Tray (15" x 8”) .

That was my choice for this project.

You can choose any mirror you desire....

from simple plastic to wood to designer frame.



Small Flat Edge Screwdriver (To secure wires in the C.O.Terminal Block)

Soldering Iron (to connect Converter board to AC Adaptor)


Hook Up Wire

Velcro (To secure PC FANS to MIRROR)


AC ADAPTOR and DC Adjustable Converter Board.

The picture above the INTRO also illustrates the connection between

the AC Adaptor and the DC Adjustable Converter Board.

I measured the voltage of my 12VDC / 1.25 Amp AC Adaptor and found

it had an output of almost 15VDC.

I wanted to make sure I was getting a regulated 12VDC voltage to

the Color Organ... so I added the DC Adjustable Step Down Converter Board

(just over a buck on eBay) and set it to a regulated 12VDC.



Remove the Back Plate of the Hobby Box.

The output wires of the AC Adaptor are fed through a small hole in the end

of the Hobby Box and soldered to the Input of the Converter Board.

Hook up wire is soldered to the output of the Converter Board and then

screwed into the +12VDC and -12VDC terminals on the terminal block

on the Color Organ Board.

The Converter Board can now be glued (or velcroed) to the bottom

of the Hobby Box.

The RED LED on the Color Organ will turn on and confirm power

when the AC Adaptor is plugged in. (An ON-OFF Switch is optional)

Step 4: The PR008 2 Channel COLOR ORGAN:

The PR004 Color Organ I used 3 Years ago was excellent but the new

PR008 has the necessary upgrades to power the PC FANS.

The addition of a Sensitivity Potentiometer to adjust Audio Input and the High Power Output Mosfet transistors made this Color Organ perfect for this project.

The picture above shows the design and components used in the PR008 Color Organ.

Be sure to use the proper +ve and -ve terminals when connecting the PC Fans.

Step 5: The PR008 2 Channel COLOR ORGAN SCHEMATIC:

Above is the PR008 Color Organ Schematic.

The only component I changed – which is just my own preference –

was R9 (4.7K ohm) in the Bass Amplification Stage which I changed

to 2.7K ohm to provide a more sensitive bass response at lower volumes.


As can be seen in the picture above the INTRO:

The dimensions of the Project box are 80mm x 50mm x 21mm and

are perfect for placing the Color Organ Board directly on top and seated

down just slightly into the hobby box over the Converter Board .

Both the Audio Input Jack and Response Adjust Potentiometer are

easily accessible.

On the other end of the Color Organ Board – the 4 remaining terminals

are also easily accessible to connect wires from there to the +ve and -ve

wires of the PC FANS.

The length of hook up wire would be determined by the distance you want

to have the PC FANS from the Color Organ.

Step 7: Securing the 2 PC FANS Onto the MIRROR:

My 15"x 8" oval MIRROR TRAY made the calculation of where to

secure the PC FANS quite simple.

I wanted the Mirror Tray to be vertical and the 2 PC FANS to be

Diamond Shaped above one another on the mirror.

After marking the exact center points of each PC FAN on the mirror tray...

I cut two half inch square pieces of HOOK VELCRO - (with adhesive backing) and placed them on the marked spots.

I cut two half inch square pieces of LOOP VELCRO - (with adhesive backing) and placed them on the center backs of the PC FANS.

Each of the two PC FANS were then carefully pressed Hook to Loop against the Mirror Tray.


The Final product is now ready to use.

* From the PC Audio Output - a SPLITTER directs the audio signal to BOTH

the 3.5mm Audio input of the Color Organ as well as a direct line

to the speakers.

* The 12VDC AC Adaptor (connected to the 12VDC Adjustable Converter)

provides a rectified 12VDC to the Power Input of the Color Organ.


The 4 Color PC Fan with Treble Output would not spin - even at

louder volumes since the treble has only few sustained sounds

necessary to maintain the voltage and power to the keep the fan moving.

The Blue BASS PC FAN – however - does react quite well to sustained

bass sounds and will literally spin to the music - especially at

higher volumes.

I consider that a bonus.

I am quite content with the colors and excellent frequency response

of both fans used in this project.... even when BASS FAN spinning

does not occur.

Step 9: THE VIDEO:


Here is a VIDEO I made of the PC FAN 2 Channel COLOR ORGAN.

*** The first segment in daylight showing the BASS PC FAN

.... spinning to the music .

And the second segment showing what the project looks like when

both fans are not spinning ...

.... but still provide a colorful capture of music in motion....