PC Fan Ice Cooler




Introduction: PC Fan Ice Cooler

Comment what I should make. I will try to make anything with what I have.

This is how to make a nice cold PC fan cooler.

Step 1: What You Need

To make the PC fan ice cooler you need-

1. A circular tube that a PC fan can fit Nicely on. (I used a lava lamp box)
2. Tape
3. Extra Wires
4. A 12 volt wall adapter

Step 2: Attach the Wires

Attach the PC fan wires to the two extra wires

Step 3: Place It On

Place the PC fan on the circular Tube.

Step 4: Tape It

Tape around the PC fan. Make sure no air escapes.

Step 5: Tape the Wires

Tape the wires so they run down the tube.

Step 6: Twist One of the Extra Wires

Tape one of the wires around the outside part of the adapter

Step 7: Tape It So It Does Not Come Off

Make sure you tape it so it won't come off

Step 8: The Other Wire

Place the other wire into the wall adapters hole.

Step 9: Tape It

Tape it so it won't move

Step 10: Tape It to the Circular Tube

Tape it onto the tube so it is not hanging off the tube.

Step 11: It Should Look Like This So Far

But we're not done :)

Step 12: Wrap Paper Around It

Wrap paper around it so the wires won't show and it will look better.

Step 13: Open the Bottom Off the Tube

When the bottom of the tube is open place a glass of ice on the bottom so the fan blows cold ice out the top.

Step 14: Place the Tube Back On

When the tube goes back on the glass will not be visible.

Step 15: Plug It In

When it is plugged in it will blast cold air. hope you liked the project :)

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    6 years ago

    a very 'cool' project ;)


    6 years ago

    I was going rip on this for the connections and a few other things then I checked your profile and saw that you are only 15. That's pretty cool that someone your age likes this kind of stuff. I also noticed you are new to instructables and you've posted 4 projects already. My advice would be to slow down, spend a little more time on documentation / presentation, and most importantly consider safety. Anyway, nice job and welcome to instructables.


    6 years ago

    Well said by @mtairymd. You should be a little slow and take more time in making your written matter more detailed. Anyways, good one I must say! Even I share the same age group as yours and interested in the same stuff as well :)


    6 years ago

    Dude solder a jack on that bad boy, telling people to do that is dangerous especially using masking tape and not electrical tape. Even if it is low amperage some kid might go trying this on something else.