Introduction: PC Fan Ice Cooler

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This is how to make a nice cold PC fan cooler.

Step 1: What You Need

To make the PC fan ice cooler you need-

1. A circular tube that a PC fan can fit Nicely on. (I used a lava lamp box)
2. Tape
3. Extra Wires
4. A 12 volt wall adapter

Step 2: Attach the Wires

Attach the PC fan wires to the two extra wires

Step 3: Place It On

Place the PC fan on the circular Tube.

Step 4: Tape It

Tape around the PC fan. Make sure no air escapes.

Step 5: Tape the Wires

Tape the wires so they run down the tube.

Step 6: Twist One of the Extra Wires

Tape one of the wires around the outside part of the adapter

Step 7: Tape It So It Does Not Come Off

Make sure you tape it so it won't come off

Step 8: The Other Wire

Place the other wire into the wall adapters hole.

Step 9: Tape It

Tape it so it won't move

Step 10: Tape It to the Circular Tube

Tape it onto the tube so it is not hanging off the tube.

Step 11: It Should Look Like This So Far

But we're not done :)

Step 12: Wrap Paper Around It

Wrap paper around it so the wires won't show and it will look better.

Step 13: Open the Bottom Off the Tube

When the bottom of the tube is open place a glass of ice on the bottom so the fan blows cold ice out the top.

Step 14: Place the Tube Back On

When the tube goes back on the glass will not be visible.

Step 15: Plug It In

When it is plugged in it will blast cold air. hope you liked the project :)