Introduction: PC IN a DESK!!!

after 6 months of hard graft between January 2012 and June 2012 the desk was finally born.
on the 16th of august the desk reached the local paper. 
the desk is made almost all from recycled materials.

the screen will eventually rise up out of the desk(once i have sourced some lead weights)
the computer witch is on the right  of the desk is under a glass screen and iv put some old PCB's on the left side.

the computer is built on top of a aluminium plate for grounding

on the left and right of the desk are 4 plugs and 4 USB ports  2 on each side 

intel core  i5 -3470 3.2GHz
gigabyte z77-ds3h motherboard
8gb of ram
60gb ssd sata iii
500w psu
netgear wg311t wifi card

enjoy looking at this instructable and please leave a comment 

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