Introduction: PC Rapid Fire

Edit: fixed the final program so you won't have to rename its extension

Shoot Semi-Auto guns with automatic speed! This is a risk-free software mod, so there's no way you can permanently screw up your mouse/joystick.

The Xbox 360 can do it, and after following this tutorial, all you PC gamers can too! I'll show you how to do it with AutoIt, a free Windows automation language.

Note, if you don't want to write the script yourself, you can download the compiled version on step 5.

Step 1: Download and Install Autoit

Download the latest version here (If you use x64 windows, make sure to download that version). You'll also want to download the AutoIt Script Editor, especially if you'll be doing anything heavy duty in the future. It's really nice.

Step 2: Begin the Code!

AutoIt is extremely simple to code. The reference is available online at

Open notepad or use the script editor to create a new file. The script extension is .au3 . Copy and paste the following code.

HotKeySet("!x", "ToggleSpam")
HotKeySet("+{ESC}", "EndSpam")
Global $x 
MsgBox(0, "MouseSpaz", "Alt+X Starts the spaz (press both keys with your left thumb)" & @LF & @LF & "Pressing Alt+X again will stop the spaz" & @LF & @LF & "Shift+Esc will quite the program")	

While 1	
	While $x		

Func ToggleSpam()	
	$x = Not $x
EndFunc   ;==>ToggleSpamFunc 

Func EndSpam()	
EndFunc   ;==>EndSpam

*EDIT* If the above code is strangely formatted, try

Step 3: Customize Code

The first two lines in the program define what you press to start, stop, and exit the program.

HotKeySet("!x", "ToggleSpam")
HotKeySet("+{ESC}", "EndSpam")

The bolded and italicized text in the above code are the hotkeys, and can be modified to suit your preferences. Some explanation is in order, I sense:

! = Alt
x = X
+ = Shift
{ESC} = Esc

Alt+X is easy to press, because in most FPS and 3PS games, your left thumb is already on the spacebar for jumping, so this allows for easy access. Obviously, if you are left handed, or are using a customized keymap, you'll want to change this. Every key is defined here, in the AutoIt documentation

Step 4: Compile the Code

Save the file (I called mine MouseSpaz)

Navigate to the file's directory, right click it, and click "compile with options"

A window pops up with many tabs. We only need to deal with the first tab. Our script is nothing heavy duty. If you want an Icon, you can make one yourself, or use mine below. Save it to your desktop, or somewhere else memorable. Click on the three dots to the right of "Icon:", and find the file. This icon will also show up in your system tray while the script is running.

Click the three dots next to "Target:", to decide where to save the program, and what to call it. I decided to call the program MouseSpaz and to compile it to the desktop.

Everything good? Ok, click Compile Script. You'll be treated to a nice loading bar, and when it's done, you'll have a very professional looking program that does something very unprofessional!

Navigate to the directory where it was compiled to ("Target"), and double click it. A mouse icon should show up in your system tray.

To test it, go to, and play "Endurance". Put your cursor over the big red button, and hit alt+X to toggle the rapid fire mode on.

Hit Shift+Esc to quit the script

If it makes you lol, I don't blame you. it's funny. If you're not lolling, and if it's not working, make sure of these things:

That you're pressing alt before you press X
That the icon is showing up in the system tray
That you press your own key combination if you've modified it

Note: The speed varies from computer to computer, and I get about 60 clicks per second. So, if I were to a play an FPS that didn't steal any computer resources, I would be shooting at 3600 rounds per minute. Unfortunately, that's impossible. Plus, some party-pooper game developers have put fire-rate limiters on some guns, so don't expect it to work all the time on every gun in every game.

Step 5: Go for the Epic Win!

Go out there and play a shooting game. Multiplayer is hilarious. I highly recommend pistols on Call of Duty 4, and dualies on Counter-Strike 1.6

If you couldn't get the script working, I've attached the compiled version below. Note that I use alt+C instead, because that is the easiest combination on my laptop keyboard.