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Introduction: PC Remote

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simply and easy.....

Step 1: Materials

you needed: a Kit test motherboard or all wires from a old pc(connections motherboard/front panel)

a little box (i use a box from an old powerbanck),hot glue,soldering materials,shrink tubing,a electrical cable with 10 (or 14 electrics wires if you including a USB).

Step 2: Build

First,cut all wires and lengthens....in this mode the old wire(par ex Power switch) 30 cm becomes 3 meters.....(or above if you want)...

repeat for all wires using the cable with 10 or 14 wires......then put all parts front panel in the box(Power and reset switch,Power and HDD led,buzzer) add USB (4 wires) if you want and have place in the box.....

Open the PC and disconnect all wires(motherboard/front panel) and connect the new cable with relative pin,exit

from the rear of the PC and place the remote where ever you needed.....

Some time the PC are not closed to you and with this remote you can switch on/of,see the activity of HDD,ear

the Beep of buzzer.Some keyboard have on/off switch and you can use it(see your bios setup) but some time

in case of problems or setting bios the keyboard are not available and you must need to touch the control on the PC..........

Now all controls "front panel" are under your eyes.......closed to the hand.....

Thank you to watch.....

Step 3: Enjoy

Happy new Year

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