Introduction: PC Table Bench

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An testing place for verify all pc composant.....

Step 1: Stuff

Other all pc parts, you need a plexiglas (adequate dimension about your motherboard and relative composant) at 1 cm thickness, screws and bolts (motherboard hole diameter), silicone tube, drill.

I used the plexiglass coming from the back PC brocken screen (reuse)....

Step 2:

It is very easy to build, once the motherboard is placed on the plexiglass, it is sufficient to draw the holes(from motherboard) with a pencil, make the holes with the drill. once the panel has been cleaned it is sufficient to introduce the screws and bolts without tightening them completely, leaving some flexibility. On the opposite side of the screws I added a silicone tube to cushion everything.

once inserted the motherboard I used the bolts by tightening them by hand .... the other components are placed according to the length of the cables or at will and need. the plexiglass of the screens lends itself a lot to the play of light, I added a blue led tape ..... good test ....

A good way to recycle pc components and material from different origins, we can test programs and material but also we can evolve and build an original pc in plexiglass and especially well ventilated ....

Thank you to watch.

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