Introduction: PC/Laptop Cabinet

In this instructable, I will show you how to use your tv cabinet as a computer desk and how to use the LCD TV as a computer monitor. I would be happy if you check it out and try it out yourself.

Did you know that LCD screens uses less energy than CRT monitors? I recommend using the LCD screen as a good energy saving monitor.

Step 1: What You Need!

In this step, you need the following items:

A TV Cabinet

LCD TV with inbuilt VGA port to connect cable to (some tv does not have a vga port at the back)

Your own desktop computer like the one shown on the intro photo

VGA cable (to connect from computer to your tv

Powerboard to connect your computer, speakers, etc.

Speakers (plugged in to your computer after moving)

Keyboard and Mouse (I recommend them both usb and wireless)

Printer with it's cable and drawer to stand on (optional)

Step 2: Move Your Computer to Cabinet

In this step, you may want to move your computer and other stuff connected from your old computer desk to your TV cabinet (must have spaces for them). Make sure you turn everything off and unplug them all before you move them.

For the TV as shown in the first photo, it should be placed not far at the corner of the top to make room for your computer and your own keyboard and mouse.

The speakers may be tricky to be placed on depending on the brand and size.

The Computer system case should be either place to the left or the right, whatever makes you feel happy.

OPTIONAL: You can add a microphone on to your cabinet.

Step 3: Connecting Your Computer to TV

To connect the computer to your TV, you must connect the VGA cable starting from the computer to the TV where the VGA port is located at the back and to connect your computer to your power point (next to the plug of the tv connected)

Step 4: Power on Your TV and Computer

Make sure you have connected your computer to the power board.

Now that you have connected your computer (with the speakers and other accessories) to your TV. Turn on the TV and your computer and check if both of them are working. Depending on your tv brand and model you should know how to switch the mode from TV to VGA. And there you have it. Your own TV/Computer desk. It would be perfect for watching a movie or using it as a studio, etc.

If you would like to know how to add a printer next to your cabinet, go to the next step to find out how.

Step 5: Add the Printer

This step is optional if you do have a printer. You may want to move it from your old computer desk to the drawer cabinet (as seen on the intro photo). Then you connect it's power to the power board and turn it on and the printer cable should reach to the computer case, if it doesn't reach try moving your desktop pc case to the left side of the tv cabinet and try reaching the printer cable again. It should make it.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Own Entertainment

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your own TV/Computer Cabinet.

If you find this helpful or any suggestions, you are welcome to leave a comment and I will reply back ASAP.

Step 7: UPDATE! Use a Laptop Instead

This is an update that you can use a laptop instead of a desktop (if you do have one). Also you can also connect the VGA cable from your laptop to your TV.