PCB Christmas Tree

Introduction: PCB Christmas Tree

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You may have the abandoned PCB boards pile up in the corner of the work area, or have many boards scattered on your operating desk. These PCB boards once contained your efforts and happiness, failure and success, even the whole year’s memories. Why not use them to create a Christmas memory for your family? Here is our PCB Christmas tree on the PCB wall in my work area.

Step 1: Materials

Cork board 175*100cm

Printed circuit board(PCB) 14pcs with black, blue and green colors

Colored push pins 3boxes


Step 2: Choose a Background

There are several PCB walls in our work area, I choose a larger cork board in bright light as the background and empty out it.

Step 3: Keep Colored Push Pins

Keep the colored push pins and grouped them in the same color.

Step 4: Select PCB Boards

The PCB boards are almost all rectangle, it is hard for me to design a special shaped Christmas tree on this cork board. But we have many green PCB boards that have the nature color of tree, so I select the same model green PCB boards as the body of Christmas tree.

Step 5: Make a PCB Christmas Tree

I make the Christmas tree body by trapezoidal structures, and place a tree shaped PCB board at the top of the tree, it still needs some colorful ornaments.

Step 6: Decorate the Christmas Tree.

It is time to use the colored push pins. I push the pins to a shape of the half triangle, it looked like the stretch branches of the tree. Also, the big tree is decorated with gifts that made by blue PCB board and red ribbon.

The Christmas tree is completed, we all love it.

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    Now that's a modern christmas tree! Looks really great and I love how the boards are made really pretty with the addition of push pins!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm very glad to share my Christmas tree with you, and it is so nice of you to comment my page, thank you.