PCB Design & Etching Tutorial - Part 1

Introduction: PCB Design & Etching Tutorial - Part 1

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Hey guys in this videos tutorial I will show you the entire process of making a PCB right from designing as well as transferring it to copper clad

So lets get started !

Disclaimer !

This is not a paid Promotion or advertisement for any of the softwares shown in this tutorial, these are just my personal recommendation

Step 1: Watch the Video!

If you don't want to read all the stuff you can watch Video on YouTube Click here

Step 2: Software !

There are dozes of softwares of designing the PCB like

  1. Express PCB
  2. Eagle
  3. EasyEDA

But my personal favorite is EasyEDA because it is online so I don't have to download any kind of crap !

So now lets see How to design using it

Step 3: Designing !

Once you are on the website, Click on 'Try EasyEDA Now'

Then you will have this screen click on new schematic we need it before making PCB,

Next you will have new tab opened here you can fine all the basic components like Resistor, Capacitor, Diode etc, But if you are looking for something specific like any IC You will find it in the library Section.

Now built your schematic !

Step 4: Converting to PCB !

Once you have your schematic ready, save it and go to the options and click 'Convert to PCB'

A new tab will open up here you can start building the PCB trace! Place all the components according to your wish but make sure they don't interfere with each other

Next select the bottom layer and using the trace tool connect all the components !

and trace will be ready !

Step 5: Export !

To export your project go to the options and select Export

I prefer PDF, then select the bottom layer and do not mirror it and don't forget to color it as Black on White !

Step 6: Thank You !

In the next part I will show you how to transfer trace on Clad until then

If you like my work

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    5 years ago

    Instead of drawing every trace, one can click "autoroute" and all the signal connections will be drawn by the system. For the size of board in your example, EasyEDA will fab a PCB for your design, double sided with plated through holes and ship it to you in 6 days, at a cost of $2 for 10 boards. Is it worthwhile to try and etch the board yourself?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Definitely autorouter is a good option but for larger pcbs it take huge amount of time. and regarding the pricing + delivery chargers and custom duty is added


    Reply 5 years ago

    In my experience, etching is a good option when you need to get your boards fast, lets say, the same day. Also if you need only one for prototyping. However if you need a bigger batch then ordering online might become more economic.

    And for the autorouting, I agree. It also might make very stupid decisions and even routing simple boards by hand works as a great practise for more complex boards!