Introduction: PCB Design of 35W-8ohm Amplifier Using Bridged TDA2030

Here I am providing the PCB design of a 35W amplifier. I have made this for replacing the board in my Philips 5.1 home theatre after it has stopped working. When I inspected one of the TDA2030 IC is burned out. Since other components also damaged in the board I thought of making this amplifier. I made this to drive the 35W subwoofer.

Finally I got the schematic from the internet and I made this. It works fine. So thought of publishing here,it will be helpful for DIY, Electronics hobbyist.


1)TDA2030 IC 2nos


22k,1/4W 5nos

680ohm,1/4W 2nos

1ohm,2W 2nos

3)Electrolytic Capacitors

2.2uf 1nos

22uf 2nos

100uf 2nos

All are 25V rated

4)Disc Capacitor

0.1uf (104) 2nos

0.22uf (224) 2nos

Step 1: Schematic

This is the circuit diagram

Step 2: PCB Layout

The PCB design and the final board I made is shown here. Provide a good heat sink to the two TDA2030 ICs. You can download the PCB layout and create your own board.