Introduction: PCB Helper

About: My name is Wojtek and I am 21 years old student of electronic high school. I am passionate about electronics as well as recording and editing movies. I follow the rule: "Do not delay, do it today".

I often make electronic devices for which I use PCB. Even more often, I have a mess in my workplace, which is why I distract myself. For these reasons, I made PCB Helper, which helps me in my work.

Step 1: Assumptions

I planned to make an organizer that will have space for the most necessary items when working on pcb (which I order only from PCBWay), i.e. flux, tweezers, tin, electronic parts, etc. On one side there will be pcb for soldering, and on the other already soldered. An additional element will be a table on which I can cut pcb panels. It's time to go to Fusion 360.

Step 2: Designing

I used the Fusion 360 to design it because it is free for students. I made some sketches and in a few minutes, the project was ready. I had to remember about making space for the charging connector and the engine switch. When the project was finished, I saved it in .stl format. The next step was throwing it into the slicer.

Step 3: Printing

I uploaded the project in .stl format to the Creality Slicer program, and then set high precision printing. I made sure everything was in place and saved the .gcode file in the sd card which I inserted into the printer. I prepared the printer and turned on the printing, which lasted almost 11 hours. I ripped the organizer and two elements from the floor and went to the next stage.

Step 4: Finalization

I put the motor in the right place and soldered the switch and the power socket with it. I closed the motor and switch housing and tightened the screws. That's it! I made a test cut of the pcb panel, which I designed for the PCB Speaker project and ordered from PCBWay. Works great! All you have to do is put the tools in place and you can get started!

Thanks for your attention!

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