Introduction: PCB Soldering

this is a very good way of making your own small-scale PCBs, it is more well-organized than the ones soldered by ourselves, and more important, it is more easy(if you have the particular machine), there is no need for professional soldering skills, used mainly when the need is relatively loose with small numbers.

Step 1: Prepare a Steel Mesh

firstly we should prepare a steel mesh, it is the raw material of the PCB we are going to make. there are erosion version and laser version, mine is the erosion version( it is cheaper).

Step 2: Put the Steel Mesh Into the Frame

while this framework is just used to fix the position of the steel mesh, we need to put the steel in the center,remember to leave some space round the steel.

Step 3: Match the Frame and the Steel Mesh, Then Put Tin Scream Onto the Board

make sure the hole and line are exactly where they should be, this step may spend a lot of time, but worth it. and then we should "paste" tin scream, to make the parts sticky with the board.

Step 4: Put the Board Into the "oven" and Wait for Calm Down

after the tin scream pasted, we should put the parts onto the board carefully and manually, when you are done, check the line and parts again just for reassuring.

then we should place the board into the "oven" and set an appropriate time(depends on the board,usually like 5 minutes, more or less ), till it calms down, we are not supposed to touch it,and we can pick it out of the box using a pair of tweezers, and enjoy it.