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Introduction: PCB Table Lamp

Nowadays we find a lot of e-waste, and some of them are PCBs that are directly scraped because they malfunction. Now specifically speaking about the LCD display, while manufacturing these displays many errors can occur which are unknown to a naked eye.

when kept in the light they fall black this is one way to find the damaged boards. so today we will make a lamp with these PCBs. They look really attractive after finishing.


1. damaged PCBs ( LCD board )

2. translucent acrylic sheet

3. 2 pin connectors

4. 3.7 v battery (optional power supply)

Step 1: Selecting the Damaged Boards

1. you just need to see the LCD display and you will notice a black spot if the board is damaged. and that's all you need.

2. dismantle the screen and take the board.

Step 2: Making : Cubical Out of PCB

1. using perpendicular pins make the connections for LED pin and ground.

2. make the cube with 4 PCBs and leave two parallel faces for reflectors.

3. give a connection for 2 pin female socket.

Step 3: Testing 1

connect the battery and see if all the lights are of equal brightness.

Step 4: Making : Reflector

1. draw out two squares of equal size which can penetrate in the cube.

2. cut out the squares and file them.

3. stick the sheet to the ends and you are done with making the lamp.

Step 5: Testing 2

connect the battery and watch the result.

Step 6: Battery Mounting

stick the battery with two-way tape and done.

Step 7: Finally

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    1 year ago

    Simply Beautiful..


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Where do you find these PCB's? What were they out of ?
    Love the idea, and would like to build one myself.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks man, saved me hours of searching.


    1 year ago

    OMG! This not only LOOKS great, but is easy to assemble! Thank you for such a fun light project! I can visualize using almost anything that is semi-transluscent if I can find the dead PCBs.