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Introduction: PCB UV Exposure Box

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Making my own PCB UV exposure box is so much cheaper and very simple to build, yet is also a very effective way to develop my own PCB at home. The box was made out of MDF board which I recycled from a used carton box. Most people will just throw all these away. I just spent on the electrical stuffs that cost less than MYR100 (USD35) in total.

Step 1: MDF Boards

Here are the list of materials that I used for this project.


Used MDF boards cut into sizes

1/4" screws

1/4" nails

1 x glass

4 x 18W electronic ballast

8 x lamp holder

4 x insect lamp

2 x 2" hinges

1 x fuse holder with 3A fuse

1 piece of reflective paper

6 x metal "L" bracket



Used plastic foam

Glue nails

Tools used:


Plastic cutter





G clamp

Clean the boards properly and cut them into sizes. The size of the box depends on the size of the glass top and the length of the lamp. Below are my board sizes with 1 cm thickness each.

37 cm x 28 cm - 2 pcs (cover and bottom)

28 cm x 11 cm - 2pcs (sides)

37 cm x 11 cm - 2pcs (sides)

Step 2: Put Them Together

Nail the boards together and you may also want to use the metal "L" brackets to reinforced the joints.

Step 3: Cover Enclosure

For the top enclosure, cut the plastic foam according to the dimension of the board. Stick the foam together as shown in the pictures using the double sided tape. Install the hinges.

Step 4: Electronic Ballast & Lamp Holders

Install the ballast and I use glue nail to permanently fix the lamp holders. Place or stick a reflective paper at the bottom of the box to get better and even brightness.

Step 5: Wiring

Secure the wiring and add a fuse to the main power source for protection.

Step 6: Place Glass and Test

Finally, place the piece of glass on top and test it.

I did a few experiments to find the optimum exposure time. My best result is at 40 seconds. Next to do is to add a timer for this box and I will update this Instructables once is ready. Hope you enjoy.

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