PCB for Conway's Game of Life

Introduction: PCB for Conway's Game of Life

This is my version on PCB of 20x4 lcd game of life. I did not write the code only made an Eagle PCB for it.


Step 1: An Error on the Schematic

I followed the schematic provided on the site only to realise the Backlight LEDs where inverted. Anyway for the type of LCD I had whigh is JHD 204A.

First I made cicuit on breadboard

Step 2: The PCB

I won't explain in details the making of a circuit PCB as I think most everbody got there own method.
The first PCB had the LED polarity inverted

Step 3: What You Will Need

I am including the Eagle PCB file

pre-compiled HEX

List of what you will need:

Attiny2313 microcontroller
100uf electrolitic capacitor rated higher than 6.3 v
100 n ceramic capacitor
a tact switch
1 10k potentiometre
1 10k resistor 1/4w
1 10 Ohm resistor 1/4 w
an 20x4 LCD. verify the datasheet
16 pin female header
16 pin male header
Of course a way to program the tiny

Step 4:

This is a video from a IPhone

I hope that was somewhat interesting!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Congrats!

    would this work ? : ATTINY2313-20PU

    thank U!