Introduction: PCB_I.LAB

With this tutorial you can make any PCB in your home.

this is the video.

Step 1: Registration a EasyEDA and Circuit Design

First you need to create an account in EasyEDA, its totally free of cost. Then go for a “New project” and you will see a workspace opening up for you where you can draw your own circuit diagram in it. You can search or browse through the parts required using the menu provided in the left side of your workspace. And the attributes of our workspace can be modified using the attribute pane located in the right side of the workspace. Please see attached Snaps for reference.
Once you finish your circuit, run your design and see if you get any errors. Save your project and your schematic is done now.

Step 2: Convert the Schematic Created in PCB

Convert the schematic created in PCB and insert the images that interest you, arrange the electronic components in the best possible way.

Check the layer levels of the PCB by selecting the colors.

Step 3: Generate the Fabrication File

After finishing with the arrangement of the components, click on the generate fabrication button, and if there are no errors, the fabrication file will be created.

You can save the file on PC or send it to the manufacture

Step 4: PCB Printing

With the same registration you can access and import into previously created manufacturing files.

Once the file has been imported, a test will be displayed on the screen, with the options you can choose the color of the PCB, the thickness and more.

This is the video

Good realization