Introduction: PEAS on EARTH

Each year, as we get ready to welcome friends and family to our home for the holidays, I watch my son's face light up as he shouts to his pals at school (and strangers in the grocery store, for that matter) "Peas on Earth!" I knew immediately that I wanted to create a design that would embody the compassion and togetherness that overflows from his heart (and mouth) each holiday season, stopping just shy of waving a bag of frozen peas in someone's face. That's his shtick. We have a 3-D printer in our home, and this contest was right in our wheelhouse.

My family eats a healthy plant-based diet because it's better for us, for animals, and for the planet. As my son would love to tell you, "Animals are friends, not food!" What's more, the environmental impact of animal agriculture is devastating. Eating fruits, veggies, and whole grains is the single best way for people to lessen their water footprint and help combat climate change. Those who forgo eating meat are also thinner, on average, and less prone to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease than their omnivorous counterparts. Our ornament, with its focus on combating climate change and eating healthy plant-based foods, is a great embodiment of issues that matter to Americans and to the Obama administration.

Peace to everyone on Earth is the message of our ornament, with a hint of humor thrown in. The design is fully 3-dimensional and spherical like a traditional ornament, with the peas filling the role of the traditional holly berries. With a festive color scheme, the design would make a great addition to any tree—including one in the White House. Instructions are below.

We hope you like it! Happy holidays to everyone.

Step 1: Instructions:

To make this holiday tree ornament, you will need to print the attached parts and then use some string (not included) to assemble them.

Skill level required: Besides operating a 3-D printer, can you tie a knot? Success!

Tools Needed:

A 3-D printer or a friend who has one
A green 3-D printer filament (ABS preferred)
A red 3-D printer filament (ABS preferred)
6 inches of string
A tree to hang the finished ornament on

Step 2: Printing Instructions:

  1. Print (in red) the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth.
  2. Print (in red) the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth.
  3. Snap the Northern and Southern hemispheres together. Bonus points if you align the continents correctly.
  4. Print (in green) two of the peapods.

Step 3: Assembly:

  1. Thread the string through the Earth's "eye."
  2. Thread the left side of the string through the "eye" of peapod one.
  3. Thread the right side of the string through the eye of peapod two.
  4. Tie the two ends of the string together, making it a loop with a 3-inch diameter.
  5. Place the loop around a branch of the tree.
  6. Marvel at your new ornament and consider having a vegan holiday to bring peace on Earth to all.
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