'PET Robotic Arm' Micro:bit Project




Introduction: 'PET Robotic Arm' Micro:bit Project

Research shows that only 25% of the plastics we used are recycled.

More than 6 billion tons have been thrown away or incinerated, making the planet sick.

I made a robot arm by recycling waste plastic and made a plastic bottle robot arm so that I could use the robot arm to have fun picking up and disposing of garbage.

Electronics :

  • servo motor
  • Battery
  • micro:bit SOKIT

Other Supplies:

  • PET bottle
  • Stapler

  • Rubber band

  • Double-sided tape

Step 1: Making Plastic Bottle Tongs

  • Draw a pattern on the plastic bottle in the shape of tongs.
  • Cut the plastic bottle with scissors or a knife

Step 2: Making 'Y' Shape Support (axis) With a Plastic Bottle

  • Cut the remaining part of the PET bottle into lengths of 1cm*5cm.
  • Connect the pieces together with a stapler to make a 10cm stick (2 pieces).
  • Put the two sticks in contact and fix half of the sticks with a stapler.
  • Check if it has a'Y' shape.

Step 3: Create an 'I' Shaped Support and Connect It With a 'Y' Shaped Support

  • Use a piece of plastic bottle to make an'I' shape support of 0.6cm * 3cm.
  • Connect the'Y' shape support and the'I' shape support with a stapler.
  • Check that the'I' shaped support moves like an arm joint.

Step 4: Attaching The'Y' Shape Support to the Plastic Bottle Clip

  • Make a rectangular [1cm * 3cm] hole on the top of the plastic bottle tongs.

  • Insert the'Y' support into the plastic bottle tongs and pull out the'I' support through the square hole.

  • Connect the'Y' part with the plastic bottle tongs.

  • Move the'I' support to see if the tongs work.

Step 5: Connecting the Servo Motor to the 'Y' Support

  • Fix the servomotor horn to the'I' support using a rubber band.
  • Insert the servo motor into the servo motor horn.

  • Fix the servo motor to the plastic bottle with double-sided tape.

Step 6: Nicely Decorating

  • Decorate it with paint or colored paper.

Step 7: Upload the Code

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