Introduction: PET Bottle Bird Feeder

Hello all,

I decided to give the birds in my garden a nice meal this winter. The recipe is very simple some frying fat with seeds. Served in a 1/2l PET bottle. This is an excellent gift for the light feathered creatures....

Step 1: Collect Ingredients and Tools

- a small pan
- a funnel
- utility knife
- pricker
- stove or other heat source

- PET bottle(s
- frying fat (unused, otherwise its too salt for the birdies)
- bird seeds (in my case hulled sun flower seeds)
- bamboo stick
- rope

Step 2: Melt the Fat.

Use the pan and stove to melt the fat....and let it cool for a while before putting it into the bottles. If the fat is too hot, it will melt the PET bottle and give a hell of a mess :) .

Step 3: Fill the Bottles...

When the fat is cooled down (and is still liquid) pour it into the bottle (use funnel for best results). Then add birds seeds for extra delicious bird meal.
Let the fat cool down more and shake the bottle once in a while, so the seeds are spread evenly. To speed up things put the bottles in a ( XL) freezer.

Next time I wont make stupid holes for the rope...makes shacking a lot easier.
I think I should use more seeds relative to the ammount of fat used.
Maybe its eassier to put the bird seeds in first so u can add fat to favour.

Step 4: Final Acts.

When the fat is coagulated use the prick to punch two holes and put the bamboo stick trough and trough.
Use the utility knive to cut out some holes in the plastic, so the birds can access the meal.
Attach the rope to the bottleneck.

Step 5: Serve Dinner!

Hang it outside for the birdies!

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