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A great upper-body work-out for the whole family!

Do this indoors (on a dreary-weather day) or outdoors (camping)!!


  1. A Throw Pillow
  2. A Partner
  3. Table (optional)

Step 1: Grab a Throw Pillow

No pun intended!

Get a throw pillow of a size that is easy for you to throw and catch without obstructing your vision

Step 2: Find a Partner

Find a partner that matches you in strength or stature

Step 3: Set a Stopwatch or Timer

Set a goal for how many throws you and your partner can make in a given period of time, say, 1 minute.

Step 4: ​Throw Pillow Like It's a Hot Potato!

Throw the pillow to your partner and extend your arms to receive the pillow back from your partner.

Work towards meeting your number-of-throws goal per set time.

Record number of throws made during the set time.

Repeat and try to improve on your previous goal.

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