Introduction: PIP - BOY3000A PROP

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Hey this build will teach you how to make a pip boy 3000 from fallout out of cardboard the items you will need are card board, tape or glue, black construction paper, olive green crayons and markers, scissors, red markers, and a pencil.Now that we got the materials lets build it.

Step 1: Building the Main Body

it is important to get all your stuff all your card board next thing you have to do is to measure your left arm and then find a box then cut it to fit your arm. Then fold it make sure the place where the front is going to be is about 5 to seven inches depending on how big your arm is then after that color the entire body except the front where you put the screen.

Step 2: Making the Pieces

This is when you build the screen and the button pad.cut out a 2 inch piece of cardboard then get your orange marker then you draw three circles. Then color around them with your olive green marker.Here is how you make the screen you cut out a black piece of construction paper then draw the screen. If you do not want to do that then get some paper and printout the screen oh and glue on the screen.

Step 3: Coloring Every Thing In

Color the entire body green except the front still not there yet color every thing in olive green then you can move to the screen main control area or what every you call it.First you write the word pip boy in silver marker make sure you write it in the middle of the thing on the left side .Then draw the meter right above the word pip boy then right under the word pip boy more like a inch draw the knob i might update this then you are finished.oh ya then you color the entire from area green olive green and that is it tape every thing together and your done.

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