Introduction: PIR Motion Activated Image Capturing System

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Burglars can’t escape unseen now, courtesy this easy and efficient PIR motion-activated camera system! Whenever this easy-to-make system detects someone disturbing the peace and calm of the PIR sensor, it takes his/her picture. And what enables it to do so is Dabble, our versatile project-making mobile app. With the help of its camera module, the system clicks a picture of the thief in action. And making all of this work in coordination is PictoBlox, our Scratch 3.0-based graphical programming software.

You can get PictoBlox HERE and download Dabble from HERE. Want to know how to make this effective system? Hop in!

Step 1: Components Needed


  • evive
  • PIR Sensor
  • Jumper Cable


Step 2: What Is PIR Sensor?

PIR Sensor stands for Passive Infrared Sensor. As it works by measuring the infrared light radiating from the objects coming near it.

PIR Sensors can be used in a number of ways. The most common use is as security alarms or pranks.

One can use this project, as a burglar system, where you can get the image of the thief that broke in. Or can use this as a prank and click weird photos of your friends.

Step 3: Making the Connections

Make the connection as shown in the figure:

Step 4: Writing the Code

Upload the following code to evive:

Step 5: Working

We are going to use the Camera Module of the Dabble App.

Once the PIR detects the presence of any human in its proximity, the pin is set to HIGH. The data is sent to evive, which in turn is sent to the Dabble App on your Smartphone.

Open the Dabble App and choose the Camera Module. Among the four options, choose the Camera and Video.

Once the PIR Sensor is HIGH, the camera captures the image and saves it into the gallery of your Smartphone. You can directly access the gallery from the Dabble App itself.

The Camera and Video Module of the Dabble has all the modules that one may need to click the photo, like zoom, flashlight, and HIGH image quality.

Step 6: Conclusion

With this, your PIR motion-activated camera system is all set to catch the ones itchy hands.

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