Introduction: PIrate - the Secret of Raspberry Island

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My name's Guybrush Threepwood, and I want to build a PIrate!

do you remember that days when LucasArts spawned so many great adventures?
Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken and of course "The Secret of Monkey Island".
Too bad that this genre is almost dead. You can get five new shooters every month,
can get an account for thousands of MMORPGs but the if you're a fan of classic dventures you're almost lost.

From time to time I really missed that old classics, then came ScummVM. This totally awesome
piece of software let's you play all the LucasArts classics and several other adventures like
"Simon the Sorcerer" on modern computer systems.

As these games do not need a high end gaming system, so my idea was to install ScummVM on the Raspberry
and be able to play all these great games again and again.

Step 1: Paaaaaaaarrrrrghts! (I Think Pirates Would Spell It Like This...)

You need:

- A Raspberry Pi
- A power supply
- Some kind of display, TV or monitor. Sorry, if you are a pirate with two eye patches, you won't be able to play :(
- A SDCard with Raspbian (follow install instructions here:)
- Connection to the Internet (to download ScummVM)
- keyboard and mouse, if you have two hooks instead of hands, it may be difficult to play...
- A legal not PIRATED copy of Monkey Islands
- An USB stick
- Another computer where you can copy the Monkey Island files to the USB stick
- optional: Grog :)
- optional: a nice little treasure chest would be a great case for the Raspberry Pi
- optional: a singing and cursing parrot for entertainment during the installation process

Step 2: You Fight Like a Dairy Farmer...

If it's your first Raspberry project, you have to install the base operating system first. You can find detailed instructions here:

Then tell your crew to insert the SDCard, connect the Raspi to the power supply and Internet. If they don't want to, let them walk the plank.

Now open your console and type "sudo apt-get install scummvm". This may take a while, so drink a grog and talk to your parrot.
After some time you can start ScummVM by typing scummvm in your console.

If everything is ok you will now see a screen like this. If not, open that eye that is not covered by a patch. Quit it, because we can't do much more at the moment.

Ok, a little more serious: I had no problems during that part of the installation. Should any errors occur, please leave me a note so I can help you.

Step 3: How Appropriate, You Fight Like a Cow...

All we need now is a copy of Monkey Island. You just have to copy the following files on an USB Stick:


Alternative PC VGA CD


Then plug this stick to your RasPi (if you run out of ports, you can disconnect the mouse for this, real pirates don't need them anyway...) and copy these
files to your /home/pi folder.

Unmount your stick with umount /media/yourdevice, plug off the device and connect the mouse again. Open the console and start scummvm

Now we can add the game to the list. to do this click on "Add game" and chose the according folder /home/pi

Now it's in your list of available games and you can play it with the button "Start"

Step 4: Look Behind You, a Three-headed Monkey!

After we beat the swordmaster - errrrr installation we can play Monkey Island! Great! But what to do, when you want to play Part 2 or Day of the Tentacle? Just have a loot at There's a list of supported games. You can add them as easily as we did with Monkey Island. True fans will now take their Raspberry and place it in small treasure chest. Do whatever you want, you can, because now you're a mighty PIrate!