In this instructable you will learn how to make your own DIY pocket music player with pause play skip and may other features using arduino pro mini or arduino nano.

Step 1: Required Components

For making this you will need few components given in the list below:

1. Arduino pro mini or arduino nano

2. FTDI (if you are using arduino pro mini)

3. 5v Boost (only if your sd card adapter is 5v compatible other wise if you have a 3.3v micro sd card adapter then you can skipp using this and power your sd card adapter using vcc of the arduino pro mini or nano directly)

4. Li-ion battery

5. Micro sd card adapter

6. A micro sd card

7. A momentary push button

8. An on/off switch

9. Any case to hold all the components

Step 2: Schematic of the Circuit

Make your circuit as shown in the figure on the breadboard or directly solder the wires.

(using a 2.2uF capacitor between ground and signal pin of the 3.5mm jack smooths the audio signal for better sound)

Step 3: Code and Libraries

Before uploading the code make sure you have installed the required libraries. to install then steps are given below:

Links for the library:

Steps to install library:

1. Download the library.

2. Open your Arduino IDE.

3. Click the sketch option of the menu bar.

4. Click include library option and then option "Add .ZIP library".

5. Then browse to the folder where you have download the library.

6. Click the zip file.

7. After few seconds you will get a message in your IDE that library has been included.

Now you can COMPILE the code

Step 4: Converting Mp3 Music to WAV File

The tmrpcm library can process .WAV music file thus you have to convert your mp3 music file to .WAV file.

This will take few seconds. Just follow the given steps:

1. Open the link ""

2. Now upload the mp3 music file.

3. Make the optional setting exact as shown in the picture 1.

4.Now click start conversion button.

5.Now you can download the file.

6. Open the folder where it is downloaded and rename to number 1

7. If you want to add more file then name those file consecutively next number as shown in the picture below

8. Now paste this file to your sd card.

9. Install this to your micro SD adapter.

Step 5:


Feel free to ask any query, I will try to resolve it ASAP.

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