When i made some trips to somewhere,as far as i am concerned wearing clothes with wrinkles would be a horrible in appearance,also it is not possible to bring up the bulky iron box.This worry led me to this mind blowing innovation................"A POCKET SIZED IRON BOX"

The principle of the this iron box is much different that of the original one.The key component of this project is Thermo electric cooler(TEC-12706).It is actually a combination of n-type and p-type semiconductors.When the current flows through the junctions of two conductors,heat is removed at one junction and cooling occurs.This removed heat is utilized in the iron box.This effect is called Peltier effect, so this device is also called Peltier Tile.

Salient features of the iron box

  • Palmsized
  • Heat adjusting capability
  • Low cost

Step 1: Tools and Components


  • Squaring Knife
  • Hacksaw blade
  • Chisel
  • Soldering iron
  • Ruler
  • Hammer


Warning: If you are recreating this project,take care of yourself because this instructables involves the use of tools that may led to the serious injuries or discomfort.

Step 2: Making the Base for the Iron Box

I have used a aluminium sheet of 1mm thickness for making the base for the iron box. 2mm and 3mm will also be fine,but it is hardly to find on the local stores in my area.I opted aluminium because it has good thermal conductivity and very easy to handle due to its ductile property.Here is what process looked like

  • Cutting: I cut the aluminium sheet with a squaring knife as per the marking made on the sheet.For 2mm and 3mm the squaring knife is fine for cutting.
  • Sanding: By using the sandpapers i shaped the edges of the carved sheet until it become nice and smooth.
  • Hammering:The base of the iron box is levelled by applying fine blowing on the sheet with the hammer.

Step 3: Making Up the Frame for Placing the Components

I have used softwood for making the frame to placing the components.I cut the wood using the hacksaw blade by the same measurement as that of the aluminium sheet carved.By using the fine sandpaper smoothed surface and edges of the wood.The finished frame has around 1cm thickness.

These are the components to be placed in the frame

  • Switch
  • 5k potentiometer
  • Power jack

By marking the area utilized by the components,digged out the places needed for them using chisels.

Step 4: Circuit

There are wide variety of thermo electric cooler(TEC) are available in the store.Here i am using TEC-12706,for powering it 5v 1a adapter.You can use upto 12v for this particular thermo electric cooler.When you are varying the voltage,you need to change the value of potentiometer according to the potential.Potentiometer is used to adjust the heat in the iron box.Switch is used to make on/off the device.Power jack is also there for easy plug in.Arrange the components in the breadboard as per the diagram.check whether it is working or not.

Note down that which side of TEC is heating,that side should be attached with the base of the iron box.Heating and cooling occurs for the same side by the reversal of polarity.

Step 5: Gluing

  • In order to stick the hot side of TEC with the aluminium sheet,we can't use normal adhesive because it is thermally non conductive.A thermal compound is used for this purpose.It is available in almost all computer shops,which is commonly used as an interface between heat sinks and heat sources.I just applied the thermal paste on it and dried for hours.
  • I have used normal adhesive(Fevi kwick) for gluing the frame with cold side of TEC.It wouldn't affect that much as that of the hot side.

Step 6: Installing and Soldering the Components in Iron Box

The remaining components are installed in the frame with the normal adhesive.They are soldered as per the schematics.I have used male to male jumper wire for soldering,you can also use single stranded wires.It will consume less time for soldering.

Step 7: Making Outer Cover

For making the iron box attractive,i made a outer cover by the cardboard piece.At the side of potentiometer, i made a fine hole with the chisel,the intention is to take the knob of potentiometer outside.This is actually giving a realistic outlook for my iron box.

Step 8: Just Plug in and Enjoy!!

Just power it up and enjoy your compact iron!!!!

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