Introduction: POE Patch Panel

Providing power to passive POE equipment via 12/24 V & ~2Amp power adapter is some times very difficult. The bulky power adapter lies around or hanged on wall improperly. It is clean to provide electricity via the LAN cable. It will not create any junk of wires in the place. For the purpose i have made a POE patch panel, from a 48 port 2U rack mounted patch panel, bought from local market around 38$ (3800 PKR), and retrofitted to a passive POE patch panel. The scheme is simple.

Step 1: Requirements

For making 24 port POE patch panel

  1. 48 Port 2U rack mount Patch panel
  2. network cable pairs.
  3. Female power connector.
  4. 5mm heat shrink.
  5. cable ties
  6. power cable joiner (20-30 Amps)
  7. Soldering Gun
  8. Network tools

Step 2: Winding

Winding is very simple. (also see intro picture)

you have to join LAN port 1 with LAN port 25, so upper & lower LAN ports make a couple. LAN port 1 is DATA+POWER port so its 1,2,3,6 are connected (patched) with LAN port 25's 1,2,3,6. While LAN port 1's 4,5 are +ve & 7,8 are -ve connections combining at the end (all 24 ports) and attached to female power connector and carries current to AP via single LAN cable.

The procedure is simple enough but time consuming.

Step 3: Miscellenous Pics for Thorough Look In

Raw images in making of POE Patch Panel.