Introduction: POP UP Parsons Paris Card

For the final i want to make a pop up greeting card with light and music. For the topic of this greeting card i choose parsons paris. For the past three month i been live and study at a different country for parsons paris. And it had gave me lots of great memories. I want to use these little memories and happiness in my life as elements for this greeting card. So when people see it, it is not only a card but also like a book with light and music that can telling the stories of my life .

To make my project i will use the technologies I learn from our class include: Epaper And Origami for the light , Etextile And Soft Sensors for the music, Textilo for the light and music, switches & Simple Circuit for the turn on and off. To use these technologies i will need the flowing materials: 1 Epaper and small lights led lights. 2 Different kinds of paper for card design and pop up part. 3 Battery 4 wires Coated paper Jammed paper Kraft Paper, 5 3d Printing 6 PCB circuit board 7 iron and heater

Step 1: Design the Shape of the Card and Draw It on a Jammed Paper, Then Cut Them Off.

Step 2: Assembled Them Together

Step 3: Design Images About the Places I Love in Paris and the Memories I Had About Parsons Paris. Then Print It Out. Cut It Off.

Step 4: Sticked It on the Card

Step 5: Make Sure the Pop Up Works Like a Window

How it looks on the first page

How it looks on the second page

Add lights up and the fourth page is gonna be a pop up of parsons paris.

Step 6: Printed Out the Eiffel Tower Stamp and Stick It on the Fourth Page.

Step 7: Cut Two Slits , Put the Fourth Page and Cloud on the Card.

Step 8: Add Lights On. Cut the Lights Leg to Right Size and Using Epaper to Make Lines for + -.

Step 9: Make Sure All the Lights Work, and Use Epaper to Make Wires.

Step 10: Connect the Wires to the Battery. Also Hide All the Wires to the Back of the Card

Step 11: Welding Everything and Make Sure the Connections Are Strong.

Step 12: Test Again, Make Sure All the Lights Work Well. Then We Are Done.